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Artist friends with ex.  (Instagram / gisel_la)

Do not distance yourself and maintain a good relationship with your ex-spouse until you are asked to reunite.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Separation between lovers and husband and wife often fades relationships. In fact, not infrequently there are those who become enemies and cannot make peace. However, this is not the case with some of these artists who still maintain good relationships and are actually friends with their exes.

The friendship that exists between this former artist couple proves that even if they are divorced, it does not necessarily make them enemies. Especially for ex-married couples who already have children. One of the good relationships that are forged is for the sake of their children.

As experienced by celebgram Rachel Vennya and Niko Al Hakim alias Okin. Both of them are divorced, but Rachel and Okin are still very close and united. Rachel and Okin are close to each other like best friends, on top of that they also have two cute and adorable kids, Xabiru and Chava.

Besides Rachel and Okin, there are other artists who are friends with their ex. Curious who they are? Check out the list of artists who are friends with the following exes.

1. Rossa and Ivan Gunawan

Artist friends with ex. (Instagram / itsrossa910)

Once they went out while they were still in school, Rossa and Ivan Gunawan’s relationship remained in fact well established. Ivan became Rossa’s best friend, and he even made a kebaya when Rossa got married. Rossa and Ivan Gunawan’s friendship is still very close today.

2. Gading Marten and Gisella Anastasia

Artist friends with ex. (Instagram / gisel_la)

Before the divorce, Gisel and Gading were one of the couples idolized because of their harmony. Even though they are divorced, Gading and Gisel still maintain good communication for the sake of their only daughter, Gempita. Both are compact and still support each other.

3. Son of William and Sheryl Sheinafia

Artist friends with ex.  (YouTube / Boy William)
Artist friends with ex. (YouTube / Boy William)

The love that once existed between Boy William and Sheryl Sheinafia started at cinlok because they brought the same TV show. After they broke up, Boy and Sheryl remained friends. Boy even invited Sheryl to make content together and called her the most memorable ex.

Stefan William and Natasha Wilona

Artist friends with ex.  (Instagram / natashawilona12)
Artist friends with ex. (Instagram / natashawilona12)

While still actively playing soap operas, Stefan William showed his professionalism and worked well with Natasha Wilona. As is well known, the two of them were lovers who were highly idolized before they chose to separate. The two also did not hesitate to have romantic scenes even though they were already exes.

Joshua Suherman and Pamela Bowie

Artist friends with ex.  (Instagram / jojosuherman)
Artist friends with ex. (Instagram / jojosuherman)

Now Joshua Suherman is the husband of Clairine Clay. But before that, the former child singer went out with Pamela Bowie. Who would have thought if Joshua and Pamela were still friends. Pamela Bowie herself is not uncomfortable when she has to take photos with Joshua and Clairine Clay.

6. Chika Jessica and Dwi Andhika

Artist friends with ex.  (Instagram / dwiandhika3486)
Artist friends with ex. (Instagram / dwiandhika3486)

Both presenters and often work together, Chika Jessica and Dwi Andhika prove that ex-girlfriends can still be friends and can work together. The two, who once fell in love with each other, now choose to become close friends. None of them refused to accept the same job.

7. The Rumi and Marsha Aruan

Artist friends with ex.  (TikTok / marshaaruan)
Artist friends with ex. (TikTok / marshaaruan)

El Rumi and Marsha Aruan dated for a long time and chose to divorce due to religious differences between the two. Even though they are apart, El Rumi and Marsha are still friends. They do not hesitate to comment on social media to make TikTok together. After they split up, both are still single.

8. Rachel Vennya and Okin

Artist friends with ex.  (Instagram / rachelvennya)
Artist friends with ex. (Instagram / rachelvennya)

After the divorce, it seems like Rachel Venya and Okin are actually getting along more and not keeping their distance. In addition, both of them were involved in controversies and mutually reinforced each other. Okin was once the subject of gossip as a result of an intimate video scandal, while Rachel was the target of blasphemy because she escaped from quarantine. No more than husband and wife, the two still spend many moments together, including Eid. It makes netizens hope and pray that the two can reconcile.

The artists’ good relationship with their ex proves that separations do not always have to end in hostility. They decide to be friends with their ex and continue to support each other. Hello!

Contributor: Safitri Yulikhah


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