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Motherland: Fort Salem is in its third and final season with Freeform. The supernatural drama series is set in an alternate America where witches ended their persecution over 300 years ago and women dominate the world. The premise of the series revolves around three young witches – many of them, who train in the military to become powerful weapons. When the world must fight against a terrorist resistance group known as The Spree, the witches must use their battle magic and vocal cords to neutralize the threat and defend the land as they know it.

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The series offers a beautifully designed world. Coupled with such an impressive lineup of actors and such detailed and thoughtful scripts, Motherland: Fort Salem really stands out from some of the generic supernatural shows out there. As this great piece of work draws to a close, here are some other projects to check out from the cast.


Taylor Hickson

Born and raised in British Columbia, Taylor Hickson landed a contract with a casting agent after graduating from high school. The young actress starred in several minor roles – her breakthrough role was in Deadpool, as Meghan Orlovsky. As time went on, Hickson started getting more prominent roles, earning her accolades. She is best known for her roles in Aftermath, Incident in a haunted land, Giant little onesand Motherland: Fort Salem.

Hickson stars as Young Beth – Incident in a haunted land is a horror film that revolves around a mother and her two teenage daughters, Beth and Vera. After inheriting her aunt’s remote home, Colleen decides to move in with her daughters. On their first night in their new home, the trio are confronted by murderous intruders. Sixteen years later, strange incidents occur when the family is reunited in the house.

Ashley Nicole Williams

Ashley Nicole Williams, who emerged as one of the brightest young talents in the industry, landed her debut role as Abigail Bellweather in Motherland: Fort Salem while still at Baylor University. The Dallas native graduated in May 2020 with a degree in film and digital media.

Williams has a number of projects in the pipeline, one of which she will be working with Maia Mitchell – To whisper is located in Los Angeles. The film centers on a photographer who walks a path of revenge and destruction after falling for a free-spirited young woman.

Lyne Renee

The Belgian actress graduated from the Studio Herman Teirlick. After working as a stage actress before taking up screen acting, Renée starred in a number of projects – Divide, Love at first sight, the gentlemenand Gossip Girl (the reboot).

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Renée plays Helena Bergmann – The Gossip Girl reboot takes place a decade after the conclusion of the original. Featuring a new group of Manhattan high school students who take charge under the watchful eye of the new Gossip Girl. The series shows how much social media and the New York landscape have changed over the years.

Jessica Sutton

The Cape Town native got her start in the industry during her appearance in National Geographic’s four-part series, Saints and Strangers. Jessica Sutton received her Advanced Acting for Film degree from ACT Film Academy in 2014. She went on to study with Matthew Harrison at The Actors Foundry in Vancouver.

After recently shooting a feature film with Megan Fox, villain – the story follows a mercenary who leads a squadron of soldiers on their hostage rescue mission in a remote part of Africa. The team is stranded when the mission goes awry – fighting for survival against local rebels ensues.

Demetria McKinney

Demetria McKinney is an American singer and actress – she has amassed a number of appearances in plays, musicals and on screen. In 2009, the actress was nominated for Best Performance in a Comedy for her role of Janine Shelton-Payne in the TBS comedy House of Payne.

A house divided is centered around the Sanders family – after the loss of the matriarch, the family begins to uncover secrets and scandals with which to confront. McKinney plays Carissa Walker in the series.

Amalia Holm Bjelke

The Scandinavian actress started her acting career in high school, with her first role in The hidden child in 2013. Although Amalia Holm Bjelke was born in Norway, she grew up in Sweden and learned English by watching television programs. The young actress has been featured in projects such as Alena, addicted, The Inspector and the Sea, remove meand Motherland: Fort Salem.

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Starring as Tuva in the TV series remove me – the series follows teenage girls Marion and Marit during the infamous Norwegian high school dance known as Russefeiring. The pair discover that a seemingly insignificant act can turn their lives upside down.

Catherine Lough Haggquist

The Canadian born and raised actress, producer and entrepreneur is best known for her roles in Motherland: Fort Salem, Fifty shades liberatedand Angels in the snow. Catherine Lough Haggquist has amassed over 125 acting credits throughout her career.

Haggquist played the role of Inspector Nora Harris in the sci-fi series continuum – a story that revolves around a 2077 detective after she becomes trapped in what is known as present-day Vancouver. The detective spends her days searching for ruthless criminals who have escaped the future.

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