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Deddy Mizwar

Jakarta, NBCNEWS

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Of course, acting and interpreting a character in a movie is not an easy task.

There are many things that need to be done to show maximum acting.

Some of the things that are meant are reading screenplays, animating characters, building good relationships with acting opponents of the production team.

The maximum acting ability of an actor will contribute to the quality of a film.

It’s no wonder that actors get expensive payments when they play a character in a movie.

The following is a list of some of the highest paid Indonesian actors:

Reza Rahadian

Reza Rahadian / Photo: Marianus Harmita

Reza Rahadian is one of the actor names most used in various film titles.

The actor, who is now 35 years old, has even received many awards thanks to his expertise in acting.

This achievement made Reza one of the highest paid actors in Indonesia.

Deddy Mizwar

Deddy Mizwar / Photo: Marianus Harmita

The name Deddu Mizwar is one of the older actors who achieves a myriad of achievements.

Deddy has starred in several film titles since the 1980s.

One of the famous films with this senior actor is Dragon Bonar.

This expensive fee makes Deddy an estimated wealth of Rp 24.4 billion.

Vino G Bastian

Vino G BastianVino G Bastian / Photo: Marianus Harmita

Vino G Bastian is also included in the list of highest paid actors in Indonesia.

His name started exploding when he acted in movies Reality, Love and Rock ‘n Roll with Herjunot Ali.

In addition, Vino also has a myriad of achievements by winning awards from the 2008 Indonesian Film Festival and the 2018 Indonesian Film Actors Awards.

Iko Uwais

The latest Iko Uwais case has now entered the examination stage.  Previously, Iko Uwais was reported for a case of hitting a man.  Here is the information.Iko Uwais / Photo: (Leon Bennet / Gettyimages)

The name Iko Uwais certainly does not have to be doubted as one of the brightest actors in Indonesia.

In fact, the name Iko Uwais was also worldwide when he starred in several foreign films.

His martial arts skills made Iko Uwais attractive to international filmmakers.

No wonder Iko Uwais was included in the list of the highest paid Indonesian actors.

5. Duke of Daggers

Cool attitude of Duke Daggers when cooking in a restaurantAdipati Dagger / Photo: Instagram @adipati

The name of the next Indonesian actor who was also paid the highest was Adipati Dagger.

The figure of Adipati Dagger is one of the bright young actors in the Indonesian film industry.

This is evidenced by several prestigious film titles that include the name of Adipati Dagger as the main star.

In fact, Adipati Dagger also managed to become the youngest actor to win the Citra trophy at the age of 21.

This is what makes Adipati Daggers one of the highest paid actors in Indonesia.

6. Iqbaal Ramadhan


Dilan’s character, played by Iqbaal Ramadhan, has definitely changed the actor’s career a lot.

This figure made Iqbaal’s name more known among the public as a talented young actor.

In fact, Iqbaal has also received a number of awards for his breathtaking acting as Favorite Actor Couple of the Indonesian Film Actor Awards.

Iqbaal also excelled in the international film industry when he received the Variety Asian Star: Up Next Award from the International Film Festival and Awards Macau (IFFAM) 2018.

This is what makes Iqbaal’s name one of the highest paid actors in Indonesia.

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