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Take a peek at Citayam Fashion Week's Sunday night, meet TikTok celebrities.  (Photo: MPI / Intan Afika Nuur Aziizah)

JAKARTA, NBCNEWS.LIVE – There are several activities that Citayam Fashion Week teens usually do on weekend weekends. The atmosphere is more lively due to the teenagers coming from various areas of Jakarta and its surroundings to hang out and try out their style.

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Yes, for those who do not know, Citayam Fashion Week refers to the crowd of teenagers who like to spend time in the Sudirman area, Central Jakarta. The teens come mostly from Citayam, Bojonggede, Depok, Bekasi and surrounding areas. They are willing to travel long distances by train to get dressed from the morning to play in this area to compete stylishly with each other.

So, you’re curious about what they’re doing on Jalan Sudirman? Based on the monitoring of MNC Portal Indonesia, Saturday night (16/7/2022), here are five activities that make the weekend a la Citayam Fashion Week come alive.

List of Sunday Evening Activities a la Citayam Fashion Week

1. Hang out with friends

It is unmistakable, these teenagers really just want to hang out and hang out with their friends on Jalan Sudirman. Some sit just along the road, some ride skateboarding and sing along with guitar or ukulele strum.

On the other hand, the Citayam Fashion Week event is also used by some teenagers to find girlfriends in the Sudirman area. It was recognized by a group of children from Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. The mamba girls, or teenage girls who like to look completely black, admitted that they wanted to get a guy while playing at Citayam Fashion Week. In fact, they were completely dressed from the morning to look captivating.

2. Meet the ‘artist’ Citayam Fashion Week

In addition to socializing, there are also those who come to meet Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) ‘artists’. The CFW artists involved include TikTok celebrities Jeje Slebew, Bonge, Kurma, Roy, John and Alpin. This weekend’s evening, many teenage girls were spotted willing to come all the way and queue up to take pictures with Alpin, a 14-year-old teenager named as the most beautiful in the area. Alpin was happy to serve the requests of his fans.


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