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Erika Carlina

JAKARTA, NBCNEWS.LIVE – Erika Carlina is often the center of public attention with her distinctive style that always looks stylish and sexy.

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This model and glamorous personality does have a charming face. Not only that, he also has a stylish fashion statement every moment that makes fans always fall in love not only with his looks, but with a mix of outfits that are always up to date.

The following are recommendations for dark skin fashion in the style of Erika Carlina, summarized on Sunday (17/7/2022) by NBCNEWS.LIVE from various sources.

An eccentric and stylish outfit while watching a Coachella concert

Erika’s appearance this time is quite eccentric, Erika this time looks fresher like a westerner with her outfit. Erika wore a black mini-skirt and a cut top that read “Good Girl, Gone Bad” combined with heels that made her outfit even more beautiful.

2. Keep it simple with a crop top and leggings while taking a leisurely stroll at Joshua Tree

Erika combines an ordinary crop-top shirt with black leggings, combined with white sneakers and long socks to create a simple yet stylish look.

3. Erika’s simple and sexy outfit looks more mature when she wears a white top and blue jeans

Erika Carlina

Erika looks even more elegant with her brown skin, the combination of blue jeans and a white top with white heels leaves a mature impression that makes her look praised by many people.

This is Erika Carlina’s fashion recommendation, stay tuned for further information only at NBCNEWS.LIVE

Editor: Tia Ayunita

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