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The news of a Jon Snow-led sequel series to Game of Thrones is in development at HBO came as a shock to many, especially after season 8 was panned so critically. Interest in George RR Martin’s IP is far from dead, though, with the highly anticipated prequel series House of the Dragon premiere next month.

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HBO seems to be making the most of its blockbuster franchise as an outright sequel series would take these characters into completely uncharted territory. Some are understandably apprehensive, but others on Reddit are excited about this prospect and where it could take Jon, such as a new supernatural threat, a troubled kingdom under Bran, and more.


10 Expanding the story beyond the north

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

While it’s somewhat ambiguous about what Jon would do after season 8, it’s clear enough that he lived outside the wall for some time with the Free Folk. There may be things to discover in the north, but some argue it wouldn’t make sense to devote a whole show to it.

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redditor Khal-Stevo they would be “floored if Jon doesn’t leave the wall and do something else when they make a sequel series about him.” The conflict setup of this potential show could take place partly outside the wall, but it would be much more interesting if he is eventually forced to return to the southern regions of Westeros and elsewhere.

9 Arya reunites with Jon again

Characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were expected to take a lot of the spotlight on the show, but Arya Stark was also a deservedly beloved character. aryas Game of Thrones Arc explores seductive moral grays while ultimately being one of the show’s heroes, and it would be a shame to keep her and Jon separated again.

redditor not sure if i’m going to die assumes that “Maybe Arya will eventually come back to Jon. Kind of makes sense because those were the two most popular characters and they rarely had scenes together, which is crazy.” What little was seen between them was truly heartwarming, and fans have already done most of a show without them. Arya’s ending is also open enough to justify a potential conflict forcing her home.

8 Tormund shows Jon the “true north”

Tormund and Jon greet each other in Game of Thrones.

Considering that this show would be picked up later Game of Thrones season 8, the north should play a part in it. But someone fans are specifically hoping for a return, given the premise, is Tormund Giantsbane.

redditor live in low light was warm to the idea of ​​seeing them together again, saying, “It would be nice to see Tormund Jon show the northern north.” Tormund started to feel hostile and apprehensive when this Night’s Watch “crow” tried to negotiate and work with them, but it gradually developed into one of the biggest fan-favorite friendships in the world. Game of Thrones.

7 Bran’s rule as king becomes a point of conflict

Bran Stark in Game of Thrones

One of the most anticipated questions fans are asking after the sequel’s announcement is what the next conflict could be. The original series had two huge overarching ones in the form of the Night King and the political battle for the Iron Throne. redditor reenactment suggests: “Let’s say hypothetically that Westeros isn’t too hot with Bran because he’s making some sort of minority report statement. At first it feels great, and then it gets bad. The ruler they want and who we know is a good guy is in exile like Jon.”

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While there should be more compelling details in this conflict, it could serve as a great foundation for the show’s political conflict. The sequel would need at least something like this, if Game of Thrones was as well known for his political intrigue as for his dark fantasy.

6 The big other becomes the new supernatural threat

The Night King emerges unharmed from dragon fire in Game of Thrones.

The political turmoil is half the answer to another equally compelling Game of Thrones-like conflicts. With the Night King and his army defeated, this Jon Snow sequel needs a new supernatural threat to fulfill the “fantasy” portion of the dark fantasy genre.

redditor Tasty***Biscuit had a fairly natural answer to this question, saying, “There were a few scenes in the show that seemed to foreshadow The Great Other, the antithesis of the Lord of Light,” and “That way they can bypass Jon without to kill [Night King] if they introduce a ‘greater evil’.” The Night King was a mysterious and imposing threat in thrones, but his sudden death at Arya’s hand was seen as disappointing and anticlimactic. The Great Other would be an easy pick from Martin’s lore to flesh out into a threat for a new series.

5 Jon’s storyline as parallel to that of Ned Stark

Split view of Jon at the stake and Ned Stark holding his sword Ice.

Responding to the comment about Bran’s potential authoritarian “police state” descent, another Redditor suggested that this possible set-up is similar to how Game of Thrones started with Ned Stark. The latter was also reluctantly forced to King’s Landing to uncover the truth behind a sinister, deep-seated conspiracy.

However, Redditor Proud feature wasn’t against that narrative structure, replying, “Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would actually be unironically cool as **** if they let Jon mirror Ned’s story that way.” It would certainly be a poetic setup, and as long as Jon learns from his surrogate father/uncle’s mistakes and avoids that fate, it could be justified.

4 A more subdued, quiet epilogue for the character

Jon Snow drives north past the wall in the series finale.

A new compelling epic of dark fantasies is understandably one of the first things many fans would like to see in a sequel, but another perspective is to go in the opposite direction. Instead of grandiose, world-ending spectacles, go for a more subdued plot. redditor SneedNFeedEm said: “I hope they have the reluctance to make it into a low-key epilogue that lasts one, maybe two seasons and is completely focused on Jon going on a smaller scale adventures after GoT Beyond the Wall.”

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It’s probably a more unconventional view, but a respectable one nonetheless. Many would understandably love to see the show cash in on season 8, but tapping into Jon at quieter times could bring his satisfaction.

3 Use the storyline of young Griff from Martin .’s books

Cover art of George RR Martin's A Dance with Dragons novel.

Another option a sequel could take advantage of is to include characters that never made it into the original show from Martin’s books. As loved as (most) Game of Thrones was, not every storyline and character would make the adaptation.

redditor GhostMorgan hopes “they’ll include the Young Griff Faegon storyline for the sequel, because with Bran Bloodraven now ruling Westeros,” and thinks “if it turns out Faegon actually turns out to be a Blackfyre, that would be some insane potential conflict.” In the books, Rhaegar’s son Aegon was smuggled out of Westeros and given the name ‘Griff’, and he now claims the throne against Daenerys.

2 Revive Daenerys

Jon holds Daenerys' body after killing her in season 8.

Perhaps the only other thing as wildly ambitious as creating a sequel series is reviving Daenerys Targaryan. She was one of the best characters in Game of Thronesbut she probably got the worst ending in season 8 with her quick turn into an authoritarian tyrant.

redditor overlord1317 loved the idea of ​​turning “Bran into an evil despot” and “giving Jon a magical MacGuffin and then sending him to Essos, putting Daenerys in a glass and gold casket in a R’hllor temple where she woke up must be.” Jon’s resurrection paved the way for this idea, but implementing it would be creatively risky. It’s hard to see how Daenerys can be credibly reintroduced after her genocide at King’s Landing.

1 Explore the land of always winter

The Night King and his army of White Walkers in Game of Thrones.

Ironically, going as north as possible could also lead to a new threat. Martin’s lore indicates that the northernmost regions of Westeros are a place of intrigue called the Land of Ever Winter. redditor AusToddles says she’d like to know the origin of the White Walkers, saying, “I know they’re all dead now…but come on. What the hell was the real motivation? What happened in the Land of Always Winter? “

This could be a good excuse to use the White Walkers again to join the present. Indeed, the writing team could intertwine their origins with those of the Great Other, as the latter’s history is ambiguous even in the books.

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