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It won’t be wrong to say that Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank is somewhat intended to fill the gaps left by the Kung Fu Panda movie series. Directed by Rob Minkoff, Mark Koetsierand Chris Bailey, Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank is the story of an under-“dog” (get the pun?) who is constantly on his luck. So he goes to Jimbo – a legendary samurai warrior to be trained in martial arts and protect himself. And then his life changes.

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The martial arts comedy animation is inspired by a 1974 black comedy western, Burning saddleswhich was written and directed by Mel Brooks (which also has a role in the animation). In front of Paws of Fury: Legend of Hanksome characters from the 1974 feature film are re-shot and adapted for animation.


The film brings on board some of the greatest legends in entertainment, in a variety of voice roles, and it seems epic. Each of these cast members brings their signature style to the characters, making the story more hilarious than you can imagine. With the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais, George Takeic, Michelle Yeo, etc. by playing the characters, there is no escaping a laughter riot. So, without delay, let’s take a look at who’s voting who in this all-new mammalian adventure.

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Michael Cera as Hanko

Hank is the main character of the story, the victim who turns into the hero, the dog who becomes the savior of cats. The unlucky, clumsy little beagle lives in the darker parts of town and is always bullied. He has only one dream: to become a legendary samurai and learn to fight his enemies. Then he finds Jimbo and a new purpose for his life. By learning how to fight, Hank must defeat the greatest enemy of the village of Kakamucho. And so begins the legend of Hank. His character is based on Sheriff Bart, the black sheriff of Rock Ridge, from… Burning saddles.

Hank is voiced by actor and musician Michael Cerawho started his career with a voice role for The Berenstain Bears television show. He rose to fame with his character George Michael Bluth in the popular American sitcom, Arrested Developmentand later in the teen comedy, Super bad. After that, Cera appeared in important roles in many comedic films such as Juno, Year one, Scott pilgrim against the world, This is the end, sausage partyand The Lego Batman Movie. He has also had guest spots on many popular TV shows such as children’s hospital, The Simpsons, Veronica Marsand Drunken history. Most recently, Cera played opposite Amy Schumer in the Hulu series Life & Beth. Cera will next appear in an unnamed role in Greta Gerwigis long awaited Barbie alongside an all-star cast led by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Samuel L. Jackson as Jimbo

Jimbo is Hanks sensei, the great samurai whose legends precede him. But personally, Jimbo isn’t as impressive as Hank imagined. Rather, he’s a very grumpy old tuxedo cat who doesn’t really want to train a dog; it’s just the rules. But Jimbo sees an opportunity here (as you would expect from a cat). Kakamucho, the village where he lives, is threatened by a dangerous villain – Ika Chu. Jimbo thinks that if he can train Hank enough, Hank can become the best patsy to fight Ika Chu and save the village. So he decides to become the mentor anyway. Hank’s character is based on the alcoholic gunslinger, Waco Kid from Burning saddles.

Expressing the character of Jimbo is a Hollywood legend, Samuel L. Jackson. For over 50 years in the industry, Jackson has appeared in more than 150 films and remains the highest-grossing actor of all time. From a small role in Coming to America to roles in movies like the action comedy, Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard, Jackson has played a countless variety of roles. But he is most recognized for his work in the Star Wars prequels, the MCU, tropical fever, Die Hard with a vengeance, Pulp Fiction, Django unleashedand shaft, among many others. After Paws of Fury: The Legend of HankJackson is all set to reprise his MCU role of Nick Fury in the Disney+ series Secret Invasion just like the Captain Marvel continuation the miracles. He will also be part of the ensemble of Matthew Vaughn‘s spy movie Argylle and will voice another animated feline in Sony’s Garfield movie starring Chris Pratt.

Ricky Gervais as Ika Chu

Ika Chu is the villain of the story, the enemy of the village where Hank ends up. Ika Chu is a Somali cat whose sole purpose is to wage war against Kakamucho and wipe out the population and take complete control. When he encounters Hank, Ika Chu makes the beagle his worst nemesis. Ika Chu is strangely funny for a villain and very eccentric, but he can be quite dangerous in his hilarious way. This character is based on the underhanded lawyer, Hedley Lamarr from… Burning saddles.

Ika Chu is voiced by Ricky Gervais. The English comedian, actor, director and writer is known for his confrontational comedy style. Gervais is best known for co-creating and acting in the British television mockumentary The office. He has also appeared in many Hollywood movies such as: ghost townthe Night at the museum franchise, The Invention of Lying, Special correspondentsand television series such as after life. He is set to appear in the upcoming comedy series, Greenlight – German genius.

Mel Brooks as Shogun

Shogun is a British Shorthair cat and the ruler of the Kakamucho and seems to support Hank. The character of Shogun is an animated retaliation of the character Governor William J. Le Petomane, a Yiddish-speaking Native American chief, from Burning saddles.

Shogun is voiced by Mel Brookswho directed and wrote Burning saddles. Over a career spanning seven decades, the actor, comedian and filmmaker has gained recognition for the hit television comedy series, get smartand movies like Young Frankenstein, silent movie, space balls, Dracula: dead and loving, and more. Brooks has also played and voiced characters in such films as robots, The producers, Hotel Transylvania sequels, and countless others.

George Takei as Ohga

Ohga is a muscular Manx cat, the leader of Ika Chu’s army and his right-hand man. Ohga’s character is based on the dim-witted but philosophical henchman, Mongo from Blazing Saddles.

Ohga is voiced by George Takei. The veteran actor is best known for his role of Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek TV series and subsequent sequels in the franchise. Takei has also appeared in such films as Blood Oath/Prisoners of the Sun, Forgetfulness, Larry Crowneand television series such as heroes, Supa Ninjasand The neighboursamong many others.

Djimon Hounsou as Sumo

Sumo, as you can guess from the name, is a giant ginger cat that terrorizes Kakamucho.

Sumo is voiced by Djimon Hounsou. The Academy Award-nominated actor and model rose to fame with Steven Spielberg‘s amistad. He then gained wide recognition for his roles in gladiator, Blood diamondand Constantine. He also appeared in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, the island, Guardians of the Universe, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Aquarius, Captain Marvel, A Quiet Place, Part II, Charlie’s Angelsand The King’s Man. Hounsou will next appear as The Wizard in the Superhero sequel Shazam! Anger of the Godslike Zack Snyders sci fi blockbuster Rebel Moon as a character named General Titus, and the true thriller Last breath where he will be accompanied by Woody Harrelson and Simu Liu.

Michelle Yeoh as Yuki

Yuki is a Persian female cat and mother of little Emiko, who wants to become a samurai. Yuki is also quite supportive of Hank and seems optimistic about the dog’s ability to save their village.

Michelle Yeoh plays the character of Yuki. Yeoh became world famous with her roles in Tomorrow never dies and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The award-winning actress is best recognized for her work in Memoirs of a Geisha, The woman, Crazy Rich Asians, Gunpowder Milkshake, Last Christmas, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsand recently, Everything Everywhere All at once. Yeoh will soon be featured in Paul Feigthe upcoming fantasy movie, The school for good and evil based on the best-selling book series. She will also be featured in James Cameron‘s Avatar continuation, The Witcher spin-off limited series The Witcher: Blood Originthe animated fable The Tiger’s Apprenticeand the Disney+ series American born Chinese.

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Other voice cast from Paws of Fury: Legend of Hank

Aasif Mandvic portrays the character of Ichiro, a tuxedo cat. Mandvi is best known for his roles in Spider Man 2 and The Last Airbenderand in television series like er, Sex and the city, Law and orderand A series of unfortunate eventsamong other things.

Stand-up comedian and actor, Gabriel Iglesias, stars as Chuck, a clumsy calico cat. Iglesias has produced and performed in many stand-up specials, movies and TV shows, including: magic Mike, A haunted house 2, Fluffy’s Food Adventures, Narcosand Modern family.

Cathy Shim agrees Little Mama, the grand dame of Kakamucho. She is best known for her work in Run 911!, the ventilation, Oishi: Demon Hunterand Prank Encounters. And last but not least, the feisty little kitten Emiko, is voiced by Kylie Kuiokawho previously appeared in Move to the music with Captain Jamand Better Nate than ever.

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