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As zombies, werewolves and aliens compete for the spotlight in Zombies 3, the folks at Seabrook aren’t going to be left behind either. The third installment in the hit Disney Channel film series, which has made the big leap to Disney+, focuses on an intergalactic cheer-off that pits the very best of humanity against friendly alien arrivals. But the new neighbors hide their own reasons for visiting, and the stakes are much higher than learning a simple routine.

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While student council president Bucky (Trevor Tordjman) tries to tame the chaos and prove that his ghost fingers remain the most nimble, fellow cheerleader Bree (Carla Jeffery) remains in love with her zombie friend Bonzo. And speaking of zombies, Eliza (Kylee Russell) is on an internship, but still does her best to help her friends back home with important things like the competition and studying. Zombies 3 also stars Meg Donnelly as Addison, Milo Manheim as Zed, Chandler Kinney as Willa, Ariel Martin as Wynter, Pearce Joza as Wyatt, Terry Hu as A-spen, Matt Cornett as A-lan, Kyra Tantao as A-li, James Godfrey as Bonzo and Kingston Foster as Zoey.


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screen frenzy spoke to Tordjman, Jeffery and Russell about their individual arcs and romances in Zombies 3as well as what inspires the spirit of competition in their own lives.

Screen frenzy: Bucky is the president, and yet everyone is looking to Addison for leadership in this time of crisis. What does that do to you?

Trevor Tordjman: I’m quite disappointed as Bucky. I think people should come to me like Bucky and nobody is, so I think he’s struggling a little bit for the attention in this movie. He reaches, and it can lead him to do bad things. We will see.

Carla, I love Bree and Bonzo. First, do you speak Zombie? And if not, how do you communicate?

Carla Jeffery: He’s definitely a teacher. he helps me with the language. I asked him, “how are you?” [imitates Zombie speech]?” There are a few things I need help with, but I’m getting better.

This is the third time we’ve been together, so these years I’ve definitely learned a lot. The language is difficult, but I do everything for my Bonzo.

Kylee, Eliza breaks glass ceilings and we love to see it. Some may argue that she is the most exceptional zombie who deserves to go to college. But that aside, what can you tell us about her journey in this film and how you are behind the screen?

Kylee Russell: She just wants the best for the zombie kid and for her best friend. I’m sure she would love to go to university, but at the same time, where she is now is also a dream of hers. And supporting her best friend in making his dream come true also means the world to her.

She knows that if she helps Zed, she will help all the zombies everywhere. To be able to help her friends in the best way she can with the alien invasion, I think she’s just glad she can still play a part [of it] and being there for everyone – but also being far away, I was sad.

Seabrook is swept up in the spirit of competition in this film. What is one of the things you are all extremely competitive about in life?

Trevor Tordjman: Just exercise. I like sports. I’ve been into pickleball lately; very competitive about pickleball. I also recently learned to play golf. I’ve never played golf and now I play very competitively. I just like to play games.

I grew up with my family playing board games and strategy games and stuff, so I learned to have a little competitive advantage.

Carla Jeffery: Honestly, I love playing a lot of different games. That’s something I’ve always loved, so I’m very competitive in that regard. Whether it’s card games or – all the time on set, I always try to play Heads Up. I like to play the game, so I’m always competitive in that. Such as: “We have to do this right. I have to win!”

Honestly, to me it’s just games.

Kylee Russell: I’m competitive with games, but I also feel like I’m really competitive with myself. I always try to outdo everything I did, even if it’s making coffee. Can I brew coffee 30 seconds faster than yesterday morning? You put it in a microwave and you think, “Okay, how many things can I do before the timer runs out?”

Zombies 3 Short content

It’s Zed and Addison’s last year at Seabrook and things are going better than ever. The city has finally accepted monsters as part of Seabrook and has become a safe haven for monsters and humans alike. Zed is about to receive a football scholarship and become the first zombie to ever enter college (and he’s excited to join Addison who has already been admitted). Addison is excited to mark the opening of the city’s brand new “cheer pavilion” by inviting cheer teams from around the world to compete in an “international cheer-off”.

However, the city is shocked by the arrival of a new group of intergalactic outsiders – Aliens, who show up to join the cheer-off. Though they begrudgingly allow the Aliens to stay ahead of the competition, the monsters and humans of Seabrook become suspicious when they discover that the Aliens may be looking for more than friendly competition.

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Zombies 3 is now streaming on Disney+.

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