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As great as Marvel’s new movies are, you can never forget the classics. for one of The Avengers broke film records, the famous web-slinging hero made his big screen debut. in 2002, Tobey Maguire made Marvel history as Spider-Man.

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While there have been a few reboots of the famous hero, no one can argue that Tobey Maguire is the original Spider-Man. Andrew garfield and Tom Holland may have later stolen the superhero spot, but Maguire is the first to discover his powers. He is the first Peter Parker to start a life fighting crime, saving everyone he can along the way.


The festival: the celebration turned deadly

The first of all Spider Man movies is famous simply because they were made. However, there are many aspects of the movie that make it great. This movie has a change in the history of superheroes because of beautiful action scenes, a fantastically terrifying villain (Willem Dafoe), and some of Maguire’s best saves as the famous hero.

A fun party turns into a nightmare when the Green Goblin, one of Spider-Man’s toughest villains, flies in to ruin OSCORP’s (the company that just fired him) party. Peter Parker, who is a photographer at the event, runs to help the terrified members of the crowd. Preventing people from being crushed by falling concrete and catching Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) as she falls from a crumbling balcony are some of the best saves during the scene.

Ultimatum: the people or the love of his life

When the Green Goblin discovers Spider-Man’s secret identity, he goes after the people the hero loves most. After his aunt May (Rosemary Harris), the Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane. In a desperate attempt to stop the villain and save the woman he loves, Peter confronts the Goblin. But when he arrives, he is faced with a more dire situation than he expected. The Green Goblin has also kidnapped a trolley full of people and tells Spider-Man to choose; save the people or save the love of his life.

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The Goblin drops both the trolley and MJ from the top of a bridge. Peter runs after MJ, then swings around and catches the trolley before it can hit the water. MJ climbs down to join the other hostages, but the Goblin is quick to attack Spider-Man. Aided by the civilians on the bridge above him, Spider-Man manages to resist the Goblin’s attacks and bring both the humans and MJ to safety, with another spectacular rescue.

Norman Osborn: Restoring the Past

Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s epic cameos were made even better by the extensive number of references to all the different Spider Man movies. While some of the references were more obvious (classic quotes and the famous scene where MJ (Zendaya) is captured by Garfield’s character), others were more subtle. One of the best subtleties was when Maguire’s hero stopped Tom from killing the Green Goblin.

The thrilling final battle between Holland’s Spider-Man and Dafoe’s Green Goblin ends with the Goblin on the ground, and Holland killing him in an act of vengeance just moments away. Maguire’s character intervenes at the last minute and prevents Holland from killing Norman Osborn. While this act is really meant to save Holland’s character from the darkness that comes with taking a life, Maguire also saves the Green Goblin. During his own fight against the villain, Maguire’s character ran away alive after the Goblin was killed by his own glider in the original Spider-Man movie. When Maguire stops Holland from taking revenge, Norman Osborn gets a new chance at life. Maguire rescues his old enemy and finally restores a past that has haunted him for years.

Inferno: The Return of a Hero

Many fans consider: Spider Man 2 (2004) the best film in the original trilogy. Perhaps one of the most intriguing parts of the film is that Peter Parker isn’t a hero all the time. Struggling to balance his personal and superhero lifestyles, Peter decides to give up his mask and focus on himself instead. Peter ignores the ills of his city for a long time, but when he sees a building go up in flames, he can no longer handle his passive attitude.

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When Peter hears that a child is still trapped in the burning building, he runs into the burning building. Despite having no suit (and a block on his powers), Peter rescues a little girl from the inferno and returns her to her parents. This rescue is especially important because it helps Peter realize that he cannot simply stand by and indulge his own selfish desires; he will always be Spider-Man and he will always protect the people of his town.

The train: off the rails

Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker has made many great saves during his twenty-year reign as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. When Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) breaks the brakes of an overcrowded train, sending the passengers to their doom. Spider-Man must give up his fight with the villain and race to save everyone on board.

After a few failed attempts to slow the vehicle, Spider-Man attaches a series of his webs to the passing buildings and uses them as anchors. Spider-Man pulls as hard as he can and barely manages to keep the train from falling over incomplete tracks. The nail-biting train sequence is one of the web-slinging hero’s best saves.

The Love Interest: Saving Mary Jane

Maguire’s Spider-Man has saved Mary Jane on several occasions. Peter Parker’s first rescue of MJ takes place at the beginning of the original film. When MJ slips in the school cafeteria, Peter’s newly improved reflexes cause him to jump up to save her from an embarrassing fall. further in Spider Man, Peter sees robbers sneaking up behind MJ under the cover of the rainy night. Decked out in his suit, Peter battles MJ’s attackers and is rewarded with the famous reverse kiss.

Spider Man 2 sees Peter’s personal life increasingly difficult to manage. But even his complicated relationship with MJ doesn’t stop him from saving her time and time again. In his final battle with Doctor Octopus, Peter saves his love interest not once, but twice. Kidnapped and bound in iron chains, Mary Jane is drawn to the deadly fusion reaction that has re-created Doc Ock. Peter jumps after MJ and makes sure she doesn’t get sucked in. When Doc Ock, no longer controlled by his machine, tries to drown his disastrous project, the building surrounding the trio begins to collapse. MJ is about to be crushed by a giant piece of metal, but Peter intervenes to save her, making this rescue the best of his many rescues as Spider-Man.

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