This mom does not accept that she is viral when begging to pay off her debt, Baim Wong’s response is really amazing! – NBCNEWS

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Baim Wong slammed the begging person back and asked for his debt to be repaid.  (Instagram / @baimwong)

“I’m sorry if I get bullied,” Baim Wong wrote.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Baim Wong is again visited by people begging to pay off their debts. The father of two children immediately took a firm reaction to provide a deterrent effect.

Through Instagram, Baim Wong shared the video of a mother who was angry because it was viral by Paula Verhoeven’s husband when he asked for his debt to be paid off. Baim immediately gave a firm response to the mother.

Baim Wong had previously been pleased with a middle-aged woman who came to her house to ask Paula Verhoeven’s husband to pay off his Rp.20 million debt.

Baim Wong. (YouTube Baim Paula)

Baim Wong asked how much the mother owed while she asked her to take off the mask. The mother could not accept that she was viral and being bullied, but made an angry video with the father of two children.

In response, Baim Wong posted the video on Instagram with a polite but striking caption.

I uploaded the video, ma ‘am. Maybe mom made this video for people to see,Says Baim Wong quoted from his upload on Saturday (16/7/2022).

Baim Wong apologized, but with words that satirized, the mother’s begging apparently intended to embarrass her.

Baim Wong slammed the begging person back and asked for his debt to be repaid. (Instagram / @baimwong)

Not right. Mom who came alone. I just asked. But I’m sorry if I get bullied. Hampura ma”Wrote Kiano Tiger Wong’s father.

Netizens support Baim Wong’s actions to humiliate the mother so that people do not come begging for money.

“Tell someone to come to Mas Baim’s house, beg for help to pay off the debt. Are you not ashamed? ” netizen comments.

He is the one who asks for help to pay off his debt, he is the one who feels persecuted.wrote another.

That’s the importance, madam, think before you act.Added another one.

Baim Wong is indeed known as an artist who likes to share money and make it content. Not infrequently, these actions provoked criticism from the public.

Contributor: Chusnul Chotimah


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