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'RHOBH' Erika Jayne Sued For $740,000 By Nicolas Cage's Ex Christina Fulton For Alleged Theft And Fraud

Another day, another lawsuit in front of Erika Jayne.

Just a few weeks after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills singer was hit with a new $55 million lawsuitthe Bravo star is now being sued by Nicolas Cages ex girlfriend Christina Fulton for over $700,000.

According to Page sixis suing Christina Erika along with two former lawyers who worked at her estranged husband’s law firm Girardi & Keese, Tom Girardic.

In the lawsuit, filed on July 15, 55-year-old actress Tom, who was Erika filed for divorce from in 2020, and two of his former colleagues, Samantha Gold and John Kelley Courtneyembezzled her settlement funds following a 2016 car accident in which the mother-of-one suffered “serious injuries.”

After the accident, Christina hired law firm Girardi & Keese. Ultimately, the case yielded a confidential settlement agreement, filed on March 18, 2019, for the amount of $924,300.

The lawsuit alleges that on July 14, 2022, Christina was able to find out where her settlement money went thanks to “newly discovered financial documents.” The documents show that Christina’s settlement check was deposited into a Girardi & Keese bank account without her consent.

“This was a complete outright fake as” [Fulton] never approved this check and certainly never consented to its deposit,” the indictment said. “This negotiated check was in fact a forgery and a lie. The check was never deposited, but issued. It’s beyond shocking that it turned out that the company would hide the check’s arrival and not get Ms. Fulton’s approval, as required by law.”

Christina states that she received a total of only $190,000 from her settlement funds between April 2019 and September 2020, as her lawyers argue that Tom’s pattern was “to trick his clients into waiting for money by trickling small payments.”

In addition to a $5,000 advance she received, Christina is now suing the remaining $744,300 balance.

As for why Erika is being named in the lawsuit, Christina’s lawyers argue it’s because the settlement money has allegedly been “redirected to Erika” via the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star now. suspended companyEJ Global LLC, and later transferred to Pretty Mess Inc.

Similar to claims made in other lawsuits filed against Erika, Christina believes Tom and Erika used the money “as their own equity” to “pay for their lavish lifestyle.”

“The funds were treated as community property,” the court claims, referring to the now infamous $25 million fee which was reportedly filed in EJ Global over a period of years.


“Erika used the money to pay for her expenses,” the lawsuit states. “For at least 12 years, all of her expenses were paid for by Girardi Keese as she incurred them. Other than Erika Girardi, no one has withdrawn any money from the company.”

Attorney Ronald Richards, who has recently been revealed plans to buy Erika and Tom’s mansion for $6.9 million, confirms that he is one of the lawyers representing Christina. Ronald spoke to the outlet and stated that his client, who shares the 31-year-old son, Weston Coppola with actor Nicholas Cage, as “a lot of people in Hollywood trusted Tom and Erika in their legal affairs.”

Ronald adds: “Erika benefited from these funds, which [were] used to provide content for the ‘Housewives’ show she was paid for. She received vendor payments directly from these funds and personally benefited from embezzling our client’s settlement.

Erika’s lawyer Evan C. Borges however, defends her, insisting that the RHOBH star is a “non-lawyer” who had “no part” in the actions of the now disbarred Tom or those involved in his law firm. He adds that Erika was under the impression that “she was married to an extremely wealthy lawyer at a financially successful law firm.”

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