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Mochi Shoes is one of the ultimate footwear destinations in India, curating trendy, functional, durable and quality footwear for men, women and children. And with the onset of the monsoon season, the brand is all set with its refreshing selection of rainy shoes. They are an absolute must-have, especially if one is planning to go outside when it pours, along with other monsoon gear.

The Mochi Shoes collection of rain boots really aims to enhance the monsoon experience, by keeping feet dry and protected at all times. So browse the different varieties to shop for the ideal monsoon shoes from Mochi Shoes.

  1. Slip-ons: These are one of the best rain shoes suitable for both men and women. Whether you feel comfortable in slippers or flip flops, at Mochi Shoes you can find and shop different styles of slippers. This one shoes are ideal for monsoons as they are made of materials, such as PVC, synthetic leather, etc., which dry quickly if you step into a puddle.
  1. Floaters: this rainy one shoes for men are open sandals with straps along the inseam and around the ankle. They also have a Velcro closure, which gives the wearers better support and protection. In addition, floats are very relaxing because they allow the feet to breathe. In addition, they look very sporty when paired with casual outfits, making them a great choice for everyday wear.
  1. Clogs: These shoes are one of the most popular that have even been seen on the global catwalks. They are made of foam-based Croslite material, which makes the shoe significantly lightweight. Furthermore, the material is water-friendly, which is quite suitable for the monsoons. Foam clogs also consist of ventilation ports for optimal breathability and a heel strap that secures the feet. The brand that specializes in making clogs is Crocsone can find their products in beautiful colors at attractive offers on Mochi Shoes.
  1. Wedges: This is an excellent choice for ladies looking for heels in the monsoon season. Wedges are a very fashionable, trendy and comfortable raincoat shoes for women. So don’t compromise on the style factor and get them today from Mochi’s vast collection of heels.

Knowing that different rain boots are suitable for the monsoon, there is no stopping it. Show off some style in these great shoes by shopping online or in the local Mochi Shoes stores.

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