Millen Cyrus Praised Her Body Just More “Exploding”

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Transgender Millen Cyrus is called a miracle having an explosive body.

This was revealed by many netizens when they saw the new photo uploaded by Millen Cyrus on his personal Instagram account on Thursday (14/7/2022).

On this occasion, this beautiful transgender uploaded 3 photos while attending an event on the island of Bali.

In the first and second photos, this beautiful woman shares a portrait with one of her best friends.

At that time also had the opportunity to wish a happy birthday to the friend who posed beside him.

Both figures are wearing very sexy clothes that will arouse the eyes of anyone who sees it.

Millen Cyrus wore a black dress but had a very short bottom.

Because the dress does not cover the thighs when used by Millen Cyrus but only forms and covers the core of her body.

The sleeveless tight dress also has open shoulders when worn by a Millen Cyrus.

To complete this look, she also wore a mesh and transparent tile at the waist.

Then don’t forget to also have high heels filled with various ropes wrapped around her legs beautifully.

Meanwhile, his best friend, who was beside Millen Cyrus, also appeared to be wearing a tight dress up to half a cream-colored thigh.

The female figure beside Millen Cyrus is wearing sneakers that make the appearance of a Chika Brasilia look attractive.

“Happy birthday myCancer,” wrote Millen Cyrus.

The two beautiful women chose to wear different hairstyles. Where Millen Cyrus just rolls simply. While the woman beside him chose to store it.

But both do not diminish the beauty of the two.

It didn’t take long, on average, many netizens wrote compliments for Millen Cyrus’s beauty. one of the netizens stated that Millen Cyrus in the photo seemed to have an exploding body.

“The body exploded, sis,” said one netizen.

Still have a male aura

Millen is said to still have a male aura, when he took a photo with Ezy at the Mexicola Motel. Both of them looked compact wearing sexy black outfits that caught the attention of netizens.

Millen who looks beautiful in a tight and sexy black shirt which is also combined with her sexy pants which are also black. The woman who is familiarly called Millendaru did not forget to move her long hair to cover her fantastic body shape.

While Millen’s best friend, Ezy also looks beautiful with her black ootd which is also sexy. Ezy wore an open bra that showed her sexy cleavage. The outfit was combined with a black mini skirt that showed her voluptuous body.

They also took pictures close to each other. With maximum style, Millen and Ezy also showed their best photo taking to their followers on their Instagram account.

Millen’s upload was then flooded with netizen comments. A number of netizens praised Millen’s beauty and Ezy’s sexiness. The reason is, the two transgenders do look beautiful and also attractive.

“Omg, it’s really beautiful,” added another, leaving a comment.

However, there are also some netizens who seem doubtful about Ezy’s beauty who is still not known to the public like Millen. A number of netizens questioned whether Ezy’s gender was a real woman or the same as Millen who had changed gender.

“Left boy or girl,” asked one netizen.

“Looking at the boy’s chest, it seems, if it’s a real girl, it’s not like that,” added another commented.

Therefore, many netizens claim that these two still have a male aura.

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