Mayang is looking around at Fuji’s House, Auto Reprimands!

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Mayang accompanied Doddy Sudrajat to H Faisal’s house to celebrate Gala Sky’s birthday. Unfortunately, the arrival of Vanessa Angel’s sister and father to Gala’s house did not bear fruit because Gala’s birthday was held at Studio Sepat 72 in the Jagakarsa area.

Even though they didn’t meet Gala Sky, Doddy Sudrajat and Mayang still celebrated their birthday at H Faisal’s house.

From the uploads circulating, Doddy Sudrajat and Mayang sang the song ‘Happy Birthday’ for the Gala Sky at H Faisal’s house.

“Let’s just sing happy birthday, yes, happy birthday Daddy,” he said.

On the occasion of visiting H Faisal’s house, which was quiet, Mayang was seen roaming around looking at his belongings.

“Wrying eyes,” wrote the caption that was included in the circulating video.

In addition, Mayang also seemed to be holding things that allegedly belonged to Fujianti Utami alias Fuji.

“And his hands are free at people’s homes,” continued the caption.

This video upload of Mayang roaming at H Faisal’s house has become a hot topic of conversation in a number of gossip accounts.

“Plis it’s at someone’s house, May,” said the gossip account @insta_julid, reported on Friday (15/7/2022).

In this regard, a number of netizens reminded the case of Mayang who allegedly took Vanessa Angel’s belongings after her brother died in an accident.

“Watch out for being stolen like Vanessa’s stuff,” wrote another netin, “Just be positive, he only sees his shoes or original,” said another netizen, “Just like a thief,” said another netizen.

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