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Matthew Gray Gubler has already hinted that he will eventually return to criminal minds. The actor played Doctor Spencer Reid of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit and was one of the few two stars of the original cast who was still in police proceedings when it ended. Now that the criminal minds reboot officially moves forward at Paramount+, there’s a huge disappointment that Gubler isn’t at the center of the upcoming revival.

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criminal minds premiered on CBS in 2005 and ran for 15 years before ending in 2020. Not long after it concluded its network broadcast, the reboot with the same core cast was announced in 2021 and will be part of Paramount+’s original programming. The criminal minds however, reboot will be reformatted; instead of seeing the BAU hunt an UnSub episode by episode, each 10-episode season is devoted to a single case, allowing the stories to really focus on the team’s profiling abilities. Given Reid’s experience with the team, not to mention his eidetic memory, it would have been a great way to showcase his skills. If only he would come back for the project.


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Understandable, Gubler’s criminal minds season 16 absence is disappointing. Just because the actor isn’t officially part of the reboot’s cast doesn’t mean he’ll never be part of it. In an interview with TVLine (through Yahoo!) leading to the proceedings’ finale in 2020, the actor expressed his grief at the show’s end, especially after working on it for 15 years. He then teased a possible revival by saying that the… criminal minds series of final plants plot seeds that can be revisited in the future. This was before the original show even wrapped up properly, suggesting that he may have already known at the time that there were already plans for the BAU to return to the small screen. This comment doesn’t sound like it’s coming from someone who doesn’t want to do anything with the series anymore or play Doctor Spencer Reid again. Perhaps the show is saving its return for later. Read Gubler’s full quote below:

“I know that everything has its time and I am in no way sad that the show is ending, because I feel like we did a wonderful job, and I feel like there are roots to have it come out again later . I kind of liken it to going to a concert, at some point the band has to leave the stage to have an encore. It’s just the natural progression.”

Why Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reid Won’t Return for Criminal Minds Reboot

Spencer Reid Criminal Minds Season 15

Gubler isn’t the only cast member not to return for the criminal minds Restart. Criminal Minds: across borders star Daniel Henney, who played SSA Matt Simmons, is not part of the confirmed cast. But unlike Gubler, whose reason for non-involvement is unclear, Henney’s absence can be attributed to a scheduling conflict as he is in the process of starring in Amazon’s The wheel of time. Because of this, there has been an assumption that the reason Reid won’t be in the revival is because Gubler just didn’t want to be in it. After all, the actor has previously indicated that he wanted to take a break from playing his best-known role to date to expand and try other endeavours. By the end of criminal mindsGubler appeared in the Hulu comedy doll face like Wes who kept him busy until 2022, but since that show ended, the actor doesn’t seem to have a project he’s working on at the moment — at least that’s already been published. He may be pursuing other efforts that have not yet been announced. Perhaps he was initially confirmed for the criminal minds reboot, but because it took so long to get it off the ground, even synced dead in the water at one point, he chose to focus on finding other ventures that forced him to eventually quit .

Spencer Reid Miss Criminal Minds’ Season 1 Reboot Makes Its Return Better

Criminal minds have proven that the BAU doesn't need a Reid

At this time, the criminal minds reboot has been confirmed for a 10-episode season. On its first run, the BAU will hunt down a suspect who has used the coronavirus pandemic to set up a network of fellow serial killers, making the profilers’ job more difficult. Depending on how criminal minds Season 16 has been received, there’s a chance the revival will continue for more outings, giving Reid a chance to return at a later date. Assuming Gubler’s non-involvement is due to an unknown scheduling conflict, he could resolve this issue first, leading to his eventual appearance in the potential criminal minds season 17. Admittedly, Reid will be sorely missed in the BAU’s upcoming return. Besides being an integral member of the team, his interactions with his teammates and even the people he comes to work with are always interesting. However, if Paramount+ does well, they could use Reid’s absence as a great setup for his later reunion with the BAU, driving Gubler’s comeback to criminal minds all the more special.

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