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Madison LeCroy out Southern charm says Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green’s relationship won’t work out. Madison first appeared in season 6 of Southern charm. Her relationship with Austen Kroll became a focus of the show as they had a lot of issues with the two not being able to get on the same page. After she retired in Season 7, Madison was no longer a full-time cast member and did not appear often in Season 8. Since then, she has focused on her career and building her social media platform. Madison has also kept up with her former cast members, occasionally appearing in episodes of Southern charm.

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Taylor and Shep are one of the couples that Madison has been watching. Shep was a real estate agent known for being adventurous and focused on building relationships. Fans discovered his relationship with Taylor in Season 7 of Southern charm. Taylor is described as a compassionate and patient person who has become his first long-term girlfriend of Shep. While Shep admitted to cheating on Taylor, the two have been able to get around the issue and focus on their relationship.

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Regardless of their efforts, Madison doesn’t think their relationship is meant to last. According to Page sixMadison says that “Taylor loves Shep more than Shep loves Taylor.She doesn’t believe connections will last unless the guy is more invested in the relationship. Taylor seems oblivious to Shep’s intentions that will cause their downfall. Madison states that everyone else knows that Shep has not proven himself to be a good partner based on his past actions. According to Madison, Shep was not focused on long-term commitments.

Shep Rose and Taylor from Southern Charm

Nevertheless, fans support Shep’s relationship with Taylor. On social media, many have responded to Shep’s posts that he is to marry her soon. Others have said that Taylor looks like she’s a great friend to him. Taylor has also received similar comments on her social media as fans really want the two to get engaged soon. Some already think the two are engaged, but haven’t revealed it yet. Viewers have seen Shep say kind things about Taylor and feel that he is genuine.

While Madison may not believe Shep can change his ways, Taylor and Shep are happy with their relationship. Hopefully, the two can resolve any past issues. Viewers follow the couple on social media and hope the two will get closer in the future. Fans will be excited to see what happens next in their relationship in the upcoming episodes of Southern charm.

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