Keciduk replies to comments with the director, Arya Saloka is expected to return to the bond of love

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Inevitably, there is speculation that Arya will return to the soap opera that has raised her name.

Although now Arya is known to be busy filming the film kretek girl.

It is known, Arya Saloka commented on the post of the director of the Love Association.

Arya Saloka in the comment seemed to hint that he would return to the Love Association even though he is currently busy in the Kretek Girl Film.

Reported from Sendy Widodo’s Instagram page, Arya Saloka gave encouragement to him, the director who had posted the Love Bond trailer.

“Cool, cheers, sir,” wrote Arya Saloka via his personal Instagram account @arya.saloka.

Later in the comment, Arya Saloka gave a clapping and fire emoji.

Indicates that the role of Aldebaran in the Bond of Love is about to give a burning spirit.

Suddenly the comment column was flooded with comments from netizens who missed the figure of Aldebaran in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Many also think that Al gave the code to immediately return to the Bond of Love.

This is not the only code that Arya Saloka gave to signal his return to the Bond of Love.

Where Arya Saloka plays Aldebaran and Amanda Manopo plays Andin in Ikatan Cinta, replying to messages on his personal Instagram page.

The code given by Amanda Manopo is like a hint that Arya Saloka will return to the Love Association.

This code hinted at by Amanda Manopo is the sign that Arya Saloka will return to the Love Association.

This was revealed on the personal Instagram pages of Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka.

Initially, Amanda Manopo made a status about the spirit in carrying out the shooting activities of the Love Bond.

“Keep the spirit of our episode still long,” said Amanda Manopo.

Then Arya Saloka replied, with patient words.

“Just be patient,” said Arya Saloka.

Arya Saloka’s reply seemed to encourage Amanda Manopo to remain patient.

Suddenly this second post made fans happy and hoped that Arya Saloka would return to the Love Association.

“Sautan sautan teross makes you smile” morning”

“The point is we are told to be patient and enthusiastic… because the love story is still long *eh”

“I like it like this, ne…the point is, be patient, okay?”

“How many episodes do you want the igs reply to?”

“Yes mas yes.. I’m really patient”

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