Here’s Why TikTok Trend “Turkey Teeth” Is Dangerous And You Should Stay Away From It – 1NEWS

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Turkey Teeth

The “Turkey Teeth” dentistry trend of traveling abroad for comprehensive treatment at a significantly lower cost has created excruciating problems for thousands of people in the UK.

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A number of famous people, including celebrities like Katie Price and Jack Fincham of Love Island, are joining the latest trend in the cosmetics industry. It primarily involves filing the teeth down to the size of pins and then replacing them with crowns or veneers.

The surgery, advertised on social media with the hashtag #Turkeyteeth, is said to give patients the grin of a Hollywood star and was followed by a current trend that has been followed by many and watched by millions. Read on to get every last detail.

Turkey Teeth

For these reasons, the “Turkey Teeth” TikTok trend should be avoided at all costs.

On TikTok alone, the hashtag Turkey Teeth has been viewed more than 130 million times. This indicates that the cosmetic treatment commonly referred to as turkey teeth has become all the rage on all social media platforms. But where did this pattern first emerge?

It all started with a woman going to Turkey to get her teeth fixed, and later admitted on her TikTok account that going to Turkey for the procedure was the worst decision of her entire life.

A woman named Lisa Martyn took the opportunity to share her suffering while encouraging people to do their own research and seriously consider treatment.

In fact, Lisa traveled all the way to Turkey a year ago to have 26 veneers — thin shells placed around teeth that have been minimally cut — in the hopes of getting her a flawless smile in time for her wedding. son. She didn’t find out until several months later that she had been given crowns.

Before putting a cap on her teeth, her dentist in Turkey filed 60-70 percent of the natural tooth, leaving behind fangs or stumps.

She then revealed to the BBC that her teeth are “gone”, requiring either extensive surgery over a longer period of time or dentures. However, the BBC was unable to reach Lisa’s clinic in Turkey and received no response to her attempts to do so.

Dentists in the UK have problems with this obstacle

The surgery is most often performed in Turkey, which is one of the most popular destinations for people looking for new teeth. To get the replacement teeth, sixty to seventy percent of the patient’s natural teeth must be filed to the size of canines or stumps.

This is before a dental cap is put on; the patient has the opportunity to choose the shape, material and color of the dental cap; nevertheless, the vast majority of patients opt for a smile that is bright white and symmetrical.

For the past 10 months, Lisa has suffered from persistent nerve sensitivity and excruciating pain as a direct result of the dental treatment she received in Turkey. She has lost about 12.7 kg as a result of not being able to eat properly and being dependent on medicines for a long time.

She reports that the fear resulted in an infection and an abscess that paralyzed nearly half of her face. [Citation needed] The first procedure in Turkey cost her 3,500 euros, but the corrected therapy she receives in a private practice, including two rounds of root canal surgery, cost her more than 2,000 euros.

As a result of this incident, dentists in the UK are now warning people of the risks after hearing horror stories of teeth rotting and dying and experiencing severe pain. Crowns are sometimes used as an alternative to veneers in certain cases.

They’ve given people extra warning about the dangers of visiting a foreign country to get a new smile, stating that everyone might have to go through something similar to what happened to Lisa.

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