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New AI art imagines Superman and The Witcher star Henry Cavill as the next James Bond, now that Daniel Craig’s time as a 007 agent has officially come to an end. One of the most beloved and long-standing figures of pop culture fiction is James Bond, the British Secret Service agent founded by Ian Fleming in 1953. Star Wars, Lord of the Ringsthe MCUand many other beloved franchises, James Bond holds the title as one of the oldest and longest-running film franchises of all time. As with someone like Batman, only a handful of actors have been able to play the part in various James Bond movies over several decades.

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The last actor to wear the James Bond mantle was Craig, who started his series in 2006 with: Casino royale. The British star went on to star in 4 additional episodes, featuring: Quantum of Solace, skyfalland Ghostbefore his tenure ended in 2021 No time to die. While Craig won the role for the 2006 film, James Bond was nearly played by a then-unknown Cavill, nearly 5 years before being cast as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. On several occasions, he has spoken of losing Craig to… Casino royale in 2005, on the grounds that Cavill was too young to play James Bond, according to the film’s creative team.

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Now that Craig is done playing James Bond, the title is up for grabs as the studio behind the franchise looks to cast the next 007 for Bond 26. Cavill’s name is still mentioned, but is also depicted through artwork that makes the actor strong to take on the role. Now, new art made with the Dall-E technology generated what Cavill would look like as the iconic 007 agent. Check it out below:


While James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has said that: Bond 26 will not be filmed for another 2 years and the actor who will take on the role has yet to be found. Cavill is still willing to play James Bond and take over Craig, despite not landing the gig nearly 20 years ago and it could be the perfect time for him to do so. Cavill has made a name for himself in Hollywood since initially losing the role, becoming the most recent cinematic version of Superman in 2013 before reprising the role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Cavill is currently on Netflix The Witcherstarring Geralt of Rivia, in what has become one of the platform’s most successful series of all time.

At this point, since Cavill’s name keeps being mentioned for James Bond, it would be a real shock if the producers didn’t at least consider him the new 007. As his age was a concern at the time, Cavill is nearly 40 – despite looking younger – and has gained more experience in his later work, including: Enola Holmes and Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Despite many gigs lined up already, if everything came together, maybe Cavill will finally get his chance to play James Bond within the coming years.

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