Erika Jayne Sued For $750K By Nicolas Cage’s Ex For Alleged Fraud And Theft – NBCNEWS

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Erika Jayne Sued For $750K By Nicholas Cage's Ex Christina Fulton For Alleged Fraud And Theft

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Erika Jayne indicted, Nicolas Cage and Christina Fulton.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne was named in another lawsuit.

Christina Fultonan ex-girlfriend of Nicolas Cagehas charged the 50-year-old Bravo personality and several former Girardi & Keese attorneys with alleged fraud and theft, according to court documents obtained by We weekly. Fulton, 55, filed the paperwork on Friday, July 15, alleging that Erika’s estranged husband, Tom Girardicand two of his former colleagues embezzled her settlement funds to support their personal lifestyles.

The Hard Drive actress — who shares son Weston, 31, with Cage — retained the 83-year-old former attorney and his firm to represent her in a personal injury dispute when she was injured in a car accident in January 2016. Fulton was awarded $924,300 in the award. dispute, but she claimed she didn’t know “where her money went” until now. The court documents obtained by U.Snote that earlier this month, Fulton found out that the settlement price had been “expelled” and that her former legal representation “had lied to her.”

Christina Fulton and Nicholas Cage.


Fulton’s lawsuit further alleges that some of her settlement money was diverted to the… Beautiful mess author through her EJ Global organization. She believed that Erika and Tom would use the amounts awarded as “their equity” to pay for “their lavish lifestyle.” The plaintiff is claiming damages of EUR 750,000.

The reality TV star has yet to publicly raise Fulton’s charges and allegations.

The “Roller Coaster” singer’s legal troubles first made headlines in November 2020 after she filed for divorce from the Colorado native after 20 years of marriage. A month later, the estranged couple was named in a fraud case in which they were accused of embezzling $2 million in settlement funds from plane crash victims. Erika, who continued filming RHOBH during the trial, has continuously asserted her innocence in this case. Complaints against her were later withdrawn in Illinois in January, but other legal battles are ongoing.

The Broadway veteran was named in a new lawsuit later this month, in which Edelson PC claimed she had “specific knowledge” of Tom’s alleged misdeeds. According to the documents obtained by: U.SErika was one of several defendants charged with racketeering, extortion conspiracy, cheating, complicity in hiding stolen property, and more.

In April, Edelson accused Erika of using her public platform to “extend” the lawsuits. “We think we can prove to a jury that Tom’s firm was a long-running criminal enterprise, spanning more than a decade and stealing more than $100 million, much of it [which] went into financing Tom and Erika’s outrageous lifestyle,” Edelson PC’s Jay Edelson told U.S in a statement at the time.

The reality star has consistently denied having any knowledge of Tom’s alleged misdeeds.

“I am front and center. I’m the face of this instead of the lawyers who worked at the firm and referral lawyers and, you know, the law that funds people – instead they point to me,” Erika previously said. U.S in May on the handling of the courtroom proceedings. “It was difficult for my mental health. Doubtless. But again, I couldn’t lose and I would just fight it out any way I could and I still am.”

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