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Fadil Jaidi and Anya Geraldine.  (Instagram / @ fadiljaidi)

Fadil Jaidi panicked when Anya Geraldine got up.

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Nur Khotimah | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Sunday 17 July 2022 | 04:30 WIB

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Fadil Jaidi recently met Anya Geraldine at Nagita Slavina’s home. The moment of meeting Fadil Jaidi and Anya Geraldine became a hot conversation because they had a pretty striking difference in length.

During the meeting, Anya Geraldine was seen sitting on a chair and hugging Fadil Jaidi tightly. However, Fadil Jaidi made a disastrous appearance.

Fadil Jaidi with Anya Geraldine (Instagram / @lambegosiip)

From the uploads that did the rounds, Fadil Jaidi was seen showing a gesture asking Anya Geraldine to sit back.

“Fadil next to Anya feels like a follower,” write caption included in the video.

The uploaded footage of Anya Geraldine’s encounter with Fadil Jaidi has been widely circulated in various gossip stories and has become a hot topic among netizens.

Fadil Jaidi and Anya Geraldine. (Instagram / @ fadiljaidi)

“Fadil is getting small,” write gossip account @lambegosiip, Reported on Saturday (16/7/2022).

In this regard, a number of netizens also gave several reactions and comments.

“Anya is really tall, there are times more than 180 cm,” wrote a netizen. “Why are Arabs so small?” said another netizen. “Minions and here,” said another netizen.

In addition, Fadil Jaidi also captured the moment of meeting Anya Geraldine on his Instagram account.

“Even though my body is small, but my hard work has succeeded in finding a beautiful woman, luxury cars and luxury homes,” he said judging by the Instagram account @fadiljaidi.


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