Because of this trait, Deddy Corbuzier admits that he will be happy if he marries Jessica Iskandar – NBCNEWS

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Deddy Corbuzier and Sabrina Chairunnisa to Singapore.  (Instagram / mastercorbuzier)

Deddy Corbuzier revealed the surprising thing in front of the couple.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Deddy Corbuzier made a surprising statement. Not long ago, Deddy Corbuzier admitted he would be happy if he married Jessica Iskandar and was jealous of Vincent Verhaag.

The confession began with the fact that Jessica Iskandar’s memory is short. As a result, Jessica Iskandar alias Jedar quickly forgot a few things, so Deddy Corbuzier rated Vincent Verhaag as very happy.

“When you talk to her (Jessica Iskandar), you seem to forget. It’s useless. It is a short-term memory, ”Deddy Corbuzier teased in a vlog on Jessica Iskandar’s YouTube channel that was broadcast on Saturday (16/7/2022).

“Eh, but I’m jealous of you (Vincent Verhaag). After thinking about it, I’ll be happy if I marry him (Jessica Iskandar). Short-term (memory), ”Deddy continued.

Deddy Corbuzier said he would be happy if he married Jessica Iskandar. (YouTube / Jessica Iskandar)

Instead of being angry, Vincent Verhaag had a good laugh and agreed with Deddy Corbuzier’s words. Vincent and Deddy apparently had a similar experience with Jessica Iskandar that was easily forgotten in a short time.

“Do not be like that,” says Jessica Iskandar grumpily. “No dad, that’s why I’m grateful, I’m hockey,” Vincent Verhaag replied reassuringly.

On the other hand, Sabrina Chairunnisa is told not to forget. That’s why Deddy Corbuzier joked that he would feel happy to have a wife like Jessica Iskandar.

Deddy Corbuzier and Sabrina Chairunnisa to Singapore. (Instagram / mastercorbuzier)

“Old Sabrina huh (her memory)?” asked Jessica Iskandar. “It’s long, long,” Sabrina Chairunnisa said.

To note, Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag were married in September 2021. Meanwhile, Deddy Corbuzier and Sabrina Chairunnisa were only married in June 2022.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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