Arya Saloka Filming Again, Andin’s Love Bond Plays With This Beautiful Woman

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Good news for Arya Saloka fans. Princess Anne’s husband is finally back shooting again.

Unfortunately, Arya Saloka is not back with Amanda Manopo in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Apparently, Arya Saloka is undergoing a new project that is not related to the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Now, the Aldebaran actor who is Andin’s opponent in the Love Association is reportedly currently undergoing a project with a well-known Indonesian artist.

There is something interesting about Arya Saloka’s new appearance in his new film project.

When choosing a vacuum from the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, Arya Saloka had time to lengthen his mustache and beard.

However, after returning to active shooting, Princess Anne’s husband’s appearance was a different contrast.

As in the post of the director and screenwriter Kamila Andini.

Apparently, he showed off his shooting moments with Arya Saloka. It is clear in the photo that Arya looks more presentable.

In fact, Arya Saloka looks back at the story because he can provide his work.

Arya Saloka playing with Dian Sastro

Reportedly, the novel Girl Kretek will be serialized in the spotlight of netizens.

Previously, the famous director Kamalia Andini shared a photo of Putri Marino and Dian Sastrowardoyo reading the Kretek Girl script on his personal Twitter account.

Until the names of Putri Marino and the Kretek Girl were trending on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Recently, the name Arya Saloka was included in the trending topics on Twitter in second place until Wednesday night.

It is said that Arya Saloka will play a role in the Kretek Girl series that airs on Netflix.

The news also emerged after a Twitter account @WatchmenID mentioned that there were other actors in the Kretek Girl besides Putri Marino and Dian Sastrowardoyo.

It is said that Arya Saloka will play Lebas in the Kretek Girl series.

Moreover, the post also shared photos of Arya Saloka and appeared in front of him a paper that said ‘Lebas’.

Arya Saloka is shooting again

Leaving from the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, Arya Saloka did not take long to accept a new project.

Regarding Arya Saloka’s new plan, his friend and business partner, Yuda Fajrin, revealed.

For information, the name Arya Saloka has now been officially removed from the ranks of the soap opera cast of Ikatan Cinta.

It’s not enough to stop there, in the latest Love Bond bumper, Arya Saloka has been replaced by Deva Mahenra.

Previously, Princess Anne’s husband did not want to give a definite answer to Aldebaran’s fate in the Love Association.

Arya Saloka even had time to write his heart out on his personal social media account.

Princess Anne’s husband quoted an article, in which he thought an actor should continue to improve himself.

That reason is thought to have made Arya Saloka choose to withdraw from the Love Association.

Now Arya Saloka chooses to play a movie. The news was known after being conveyed by Yuda Fajrin.

At that time, Yuda Fajrin was asked several questions by netizens who asked about the whereabouts of Arya Saloka.

“Where is Arya, Mas? Yes, in Jakarta. I don’t know, just yesterday the news was that Arya was shooting soon. I do know what he was shooting. It’s just a secret,” said Yuda, during a live Instagram.

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