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Army Hammer would sell timeshares in the Cayman Islands to support itself financially, according to a source.

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An insider close to the actor told People magazine that Hammer works in sales at Morritt’s Resort in Grand Cayman after reportedly being banned from his family dynasty.

“His father doesn’t want to help him anymore and he is cut off so he has to go to work,” the source said.

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Armie Hammer would sell timeshares in a hotel in the Cayman Islands. (Getty)

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The social network star’s father is businessman Michael Armand Hammer whose grandfather was oil magnate Armand Hammer.

Andrew Brettler, Hammer’s lawyer, claims he doesn’t know if the claims made by the actor who works on the Caribbean island are true, but insists: has a job.”

Rumors of Hammer’s life in the Cayman Islands began to swirl after a fake pamphlet of the Morritt’s Resort advertising the actor as a hotel concierge made the rounds on Twitter.

TMZ later shared photos taken in June that appeared to show Hammer behind a desk at the resort, talking to people sitting across from him.

According to PeopleHammer and his family flew back to Los Angeles on Friday.

The actor is accused of sexually harassing and assaulting several women. (Getty images,)

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In January 2021, he was accused of sending disturbing messages to several women via an anonymous Instagram account.

The posts reportedly contain references to cannibalism, violence and rape, and some women who claimed to have been in a relationship with Hammer allege that he branded them, gave them PTSD and subjected them to emotional abuse.

The hotel Mumbai actor denies all claims, but the allegations have prompted him to quit projects and lose major roles in films like Billion dollar spy and Taika Waititi’s Next goal wins.

Hammer recently completed a six month stay at a rehabilitation center to treat his drug and alcohol addiction.

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