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Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @ marcello_tahitoe)

Maudy Ayunda Never shows off dating who suddenly gets married.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – 2022 will be a special year for this series of singers. Because they chose to marry their partner this year and make a sacred promise.

One of them is Via Vallen and Chevra Yolandi, who have just officially become husband and wife. Via Vallen, direct from Surabaya, abandoned his release period on 15 July 2022.

If Via Vallen got married in a festive way, but there are also those who choose to get married in secret.

So who are they? Come on in, take a look at the full review below:

1. Video Aldiano

Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @vidialdiano)

Vidi Aldiano was officially married to Sheila Dara on January 15, 2022. This couple also has a lot of fans. Had a funny moment when the moment kissed hands. Vidi, who officially became Sheila’s husband, actually stepped back when he was about to be greeted by his wife, really funny.

2. Ello

Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @ marcello_tahitoe)

The solo singer Ello also released his single track period on January 25 yesterday. The singer, who recently joined Dewa 19 as a singer, eventually married his idol, Cindy Maria, in Bali.

Because Ello decides not to reveal her wedding portrait, Ello is active in sharing everyday moments after the wedding.

3. Maudy Ayunda

Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / maudyayunda)
Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / maudyayunda)

Maudy Ayunda also surprised fans with her sudden marriage. Married to a man from South Korea, Maudy Ayunda officially bears the status of wife of Jesse Choi on May 22, 2022.

The singer who rarely spits out his love life, even this avalanche of praise because of his charming appearance when he wears a wedding dress.

4. Sivia Azizah

Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @thebridestory)
Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @thebridestory)

Sivia Azizah, who married Hardie Man on June 18, 2022 yesterday, uses Aceh’s traditional wedding. Even one of the BLINK members was praised for his wedding design which was his own work.

5. Eva Celia

Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @thebridestory)
Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @thebridestory)

Eva Celia adds to the list of singers who got married in 2022. After being introduced at the moment of her 29th birthday, Sophia Latjuba’s child gradually moves to the next stage.

Eva Celia and Demas Darmawangsa’s wedding moment was flooded with praise from netizens. Eva looks so charming with flawless and natural makeup on her happy day.

Via Vallen

Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @ viavallen)
Singer Married in 2022 (Instagram / @ viavallen)

With a lively wedding, Via Vallen and Chevra Yolandi are now officially husband and wife. Using Javanese customs as a wedding concept, the Via Vallen wedding procession series was held for five consecutive days.

The procession consisting of recitation, siraman and various other rituals ends with the Akad Nikah moment to be held on July 15, 2022.

These are the names of singers getting married in 2022. Happy wedding!

Contributor: Nur Khasanah


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