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When it comes to official Disney Princesses, there are specific criteria they must meet. They have to look human, get married or be a royal family, and/or perform some heroic act in their movie. Characters like Cinderella, Mulan, Tiana and Moana all fit the bill.

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But in some cases, iconic Disney characters from the title are cheated despite getting the crown or being a heroine. Even for characters who become princesses during their movies, such as Dot and Anna, they were still not recognized as official Disney princesses.


Punt (‘A Bug’s Life’)

Dot is the little sister of Princess Atta, the ant preparing to take the throne as queen in An insect life. At the end of the film, once Atta is crowned queen, it is Dot who becomes princess and celebrates by flying around with her newly grown wings.

But despite her princess status in the movie, Dot could never become an official Disney princess because she’s an ant, not a human. But her courage to fight off the evil insects that come her way and help Flik save their colony should count as a heroic act worthy of official princess status.

Nani (‘Lilo and Stitch’)

Nani may not have been born royal, and David certainly isn’t royalty, but her selfless acts are everywhere Lilo and Stitch must score high on the heroic scale to be considered a princess.

Nani not only confronted various aliens in an effort to prevent Lilo from being accidentally taken to space, but also the way she acted to care for her little sister after the death of their parents and fought to keep her when Cobra Bubbles threatened to take Lilo.

Megara (‘Hercules’)

Megara is a woman who likes to be the hero of her own story, and certainly won’t say she’s in love with the titular character Hercules throughout the film.

If all of Meg’s heroic deeds don’t make her a princess, then her inevitable marriage to Hercules, part of the royal arms of Greece, automatically makes Meg a princess.

Esmeralda (‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’)

While Esmeralda was not a princess in The hunchback of the Notre Dame, nor did she perform a heroic act, she was once considered an official Disney princess.

Esmeralda joined princesses like Snow White, Aurora and Ariel in the lineup when the pursuit began in the early 2000s. But due to a lack of marketing and her mature portrayal, Esmeralda was removed from the official list along with Tinker Bell in 2005.

Princess Melody (“The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea”)

Princess Melody is the preteen daughter Ariel and Eric who is first introduced in The little Mermaid 2000 direct-to-video sequel The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea.

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Melody checks all the boxes to be an official princess: human looks, royalty, and follows in her mother’s fins with heroic deeds. But the thing that keeps her off the list is the fact that she only stars in a sequel, which automatically disqualifies her from making the list.

Princess Leia (‘Stars Wars’)

Of all the characters not on the official Disney Princess list, Princess Leia is the most deserving. Not only is she a literal princess, but she performs various feats everywhere star wars, including helping to destroy the Death Star.

But the only reason Leia can’t be considered an official Disney princess is the fact that she wasn’t originally a Disney character. Leia didn’t join the Disney family until 2012 when The Walt Disney Company bought the rights to Lucasfilm.

Jane (“Tarzan”)

Despite all her heroics everywhere Tarzan – from befriending Tarzan and teaching him about human life to helping Tarzan save the gorilla herd – Jane is not considered an official Disney princess.

Although she was on the list in the beginning, she has since been dropped for unknown reasons, but it very well could be that she is not royalty. The only way to get her and Tarzan back on the official lists would be for the theory of Tarzan-is-Anna-and-Elsa’s brother to become canon.

Giselle (‘Enchanted’)

Amy Adams played Giselle, a princess who sang with animals and dreamed of finding Prince Charming in the 2007 animation/live-action film enchanted.

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Despite meeting all the criteria of an official Disney princess: royal, heroic and human-born. But it’s the all-human part that is Giselle’s downfall, because the only reason she was never officially crowned Disney princess was that the company found it difficult to secure the lifelong rights to Adams’ face.

Alice (‘Alice In Wonderland’)

As far as characters not on the official Disney Princess list, Alice from Alice in Wonderland is the only one remotely close to being considered.

Alice is considered a “Princess of Honor” and often joins her princess friends despite not meeting the princess criteria. Aside from being human, Alice is not royal and does not perform any prominent exploits during the film, but her proximity to the title means she is often mistaken for a real-life Disney princess.

Anna (“Frozen”)

Anna and Elsa van Frozen are the toughest of the bunch. Despite their royal status – Elsa becomes queen and Anna princess – but also that she is human and performs many heroic deeds, getting them on the official list is not enough.

Although Elsa’s queen status holds her back, there are many theories as to why Anna doesn’t make the cut, despite being a literal princess from a Disney movie. She’s human, is royalty, is heroic, and even including the most outlandish Disney Princess lines, she has an animal sidekick in Sven, but it may be her royal sister’s inability to make the list that made her love it too. prevents.

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