Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park: Entrance Tickets, Attractions and Access to Tourist Locations

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Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park

Karogaul.com – This Wana Griya Park Bogor tourist destination, which is not too far from Jakarta, is suitable for those who like the natural atmosphere.

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Wana Griya Park Bogor is famous for its natural panorama of artificial beaches surrounded by  dense vegetation all around.

Although the name has only been heard among the wider community, the Wana Griya Park Bogor tourist destination has been open since 2018, you know!

For those of you who want to visit Wana Griya Park Bogor, first follow the following discussion post.

Wana Griya Park Bogor has an area or area of ​​​​8 hectares with a variety of interesting rides to be enjoyed with the family.

1. Artificial Beach

Bogor people who want to feel the beauty of the beach with white sand, now no longer need to go all the way to Jakarta.

Because at the Wana Griya Park tourist attraction, Bogor, there is an exotic and beautiful artificial beach, you know!

Although not as wide as the artificial beach at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) in North Jakarta, the sensation is always almost the same.

Photo by Rz.A Project

The white sand is so soft, stretching along the shoreline always looks beautiful and fun to be enjoyed with family and relatives.

Not only that, tourists also want to enjoy the beauty of coconut plants on the outskirts of the sea.

Because, this artificial beach is made very similar to the real seaside, you know!

2. Fishing Pond

For those of you who like fishing, in this place there is also a fishing pond area.

There are thousands of fish in this tourist spot.

You can also bring it back to cook at home if you get the bait.

Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park

The fishing pond on this tour consists of 3 areas with different names, including Galatama, Daily Fishing Pond and Setu Cogreg.

Each pool has a different capacity.

If you want a wider area, you can choose the Daily Fishing Pool because it has a maximum capacity of 60 people.

3. Playgrounds

As previously explained, the Wana Griya Park Bogor tourist destination is indeed suitable for all families.

Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park

Photo by Bayu Laguna

Because in this tour there is also a playground that can certainly be enjoyed by the Little One.

This destination consists of various rides, such as Ferris wheel, Korakora, merry-go-round, ball bath pool, mini rickshaw, and boat rides.

Interestingly, all of these rides can be enjoyed for free, you know!

4. House of Dwarves

Another destination in Wana Griya Park Bogor that must be visited is the Dwarf House.

In this area, tourists can invite the Little One to play and feed the rabbits, you know!

Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park

Photo by Mother Nanoen

If you are tired, you can also enjoy lunch in an area not too far from the rabbit cage.

Not only that, the menu served on this tour is also very diverse and of course delicious.

5. Water Park

Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park
Photo by Mohamad Asrori

The next ride that is suitable for children at Wana Griya Park Bogor is a water park.

A swimming pool that is complete with this game, is sure to make the Little One happy.

To feel the excitement of this tour, tourists must pay an additional fee outside of other zone entrance tickets.

6. 3D Cinema

Tourists who feel a different atmosphere when watching movies, don’t forget to stop at the 3D cinema.

To experience this ride, tourists only need to pay a ticket for the water park.

In this tour, you will feel again in direct contact with the screen.

7. Scooter

For those of you who want to explore this location, you can also use a scooter, you know!

Because, in this place also provided a scooter to roam all the rides.

So, no need to walk, huh!

It’s a good idea to rent and enjoy all the beauty that this place has.

Position of Wana Griya Park Bogor

Wana Griya Park Bogor is located  on Jalan Raya Pahlawan RT. 05 RW. 07, Ex. Coreg, District. Parung, Bogor, West Java.

Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park

Photo by Asri Baso

This position is very easy to reach by private vehicle, either two-wheeled or four-wheeled!

Not only that, the distance is not too far from Jakarta.

If the house is in Depok or Bogor, this tourist destination can be reached in just 30 minutes.

You can also use public transportation to visit this tourist destination.

Opening Hours and Entrance Tickets for Wana Griya Park Bogor

The tourist destination of Wana Griya Park Bogor is open every day, from 08:00 to 16.00 WIB.

However, this position may close if there are internal activities and the company has pre-ordered it.

For the ticket price to enter this zone, it is Rp7. 500 per person.

This price has not been listed to feel the thrill of water park rides and parking fees.

Wana Griya Park Bogor water park entrance ticket is divided into 2, weekdays IDR 25 thousand and weekend IDR 30 thousand.

Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park

Photo by Rama NetLab

Please note, the entrance ticket to the water park includes a bubble bath ride, Korean page and 3D cinema for all ages.

Meanwhile, parking ticket fees are divided into 3.

Rp. 5 thousand for motorbike parking, Rp. 10 thousand for cars, and Rp. 20 thousand for buses.

The fee is only paid once, not hourly.

Lodging at Wana Griya Park Bogor

You who come from outside Jabodetabek, can also travel together with family here.

Because around Wana Griya Park Bogor, there are various types of lodging at low and affordable prices.

Wana Griya Park Bogor Tourism Park

Photo by Alvin Pranata

When you arrive during the school holidays, don’t forget to book this tour in advance, OK!

Because, lodging around this tourist destination will be full when the holiday period comes.

So, make sure you have booked a room before arriving on this tour…Happy holiday

That’s a brief review about “Taman Wisata Wana Griya Park Bogor: Entrance Tickets, Attractions and Access to Tourist Locations” Are you interested in visiting it?


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