Ussy Sulistiawaty’s Birthday Party Wears High School Uniform Dresscode, Mayangsari Skirt to Aming Becomes the Spotlight

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Ussy Sulistiawaty is known to have just turned 41. To celebrate this special day, Andhika Pratama’s wife held a party which was quite lively.

He invited fellow artists to attend the party. To be different from birthday parties in general, Ussy set the dress code for the event to be a high school uniform.

The artists who attended the party enthusiastically wore white and gray uniforms. Call it Bella Saphira and Cut Keke who came with a short gray skirt combined with a white top with the student council symbol.

There are also Yuni Shara, Titi Kamal, and Reza Artamevia who look youthful in high school uniforms. Male artists also don’t want to miss wearing high school uniforms complete with hats and ties, as did Gading Marten and Roger Danuarta.

Not only student uniforms, there are also artists who come wearing teacher uniforms. They are Krisdayanti and Chintami Atmanagara who are compact wearing teacher uniform batik.

While most artists wear conventional high school skirts, the skirt worn by Mayangsari actually gets the spotlight. She chose to wear a gray ruffled skirt so that it was called the wrong costume.

It turned out that it wasn’t only Mayangsari who looked different, Melaney Ricardo also wore a high school skirt that wasn’t gray. She chose a short skirt with black and red plaid as her costume at the party. Likewise, Aming chose a black skirt to be combined with a white top.

It seems that there is no wrong term for costumes at the event, because all the guests wore costumes according to the theme.

The event was also lively with performances from several artists such as Reza Artamevia and Mayangsari.

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