Married at a young age, Mikaila Patritz is not afraid of losing her job

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Mikaila Patritz is one of the public figures who decided to get married at a young age. Mikaila decided to marry Fardhan Khan when she was 17 years old.

When guest starring on Brownis Trans Tv, Mikaila Patritz explained the reason why she decided to marry young. Mikaila apparently doesn’t want to play games in a romantic relationship.

“(Married age) 17 is going to 18. Because we met the right person at that time. When we met Fardhan, we both had the goal of getting married next time, so it’s not just looking for a boyfriend. And when we met him, he said again I’m looking for a wife, I’m looking for a husband, that’s it,” said Mikaila Patritz while talking on Brownis Trans TV.

Mikaila Patritz and Fardhan Khan have been married for about 9 years. They both have one child from their marriage. During their journey through the household, their marriage was far from oblique gossip.

Mikaila Patritz admits that she is not afraid of losing her job because she married at a young age. The reason is, at this time he is grateful that he can still carry out activities as before even though he is married and has children.

“We can carry out activities as usual, but thank God we now have social media, so we can work from home. Where I can work with children,” he said.

Mikaila said her husband had always supported his work in the entertainment world and created content on social media. Mikaila said that Fardhan was a husband figure who never restrained her.

“Alhamdulillah, he’s never done anything wrong, never banned it as long as it’s halal, something good, positive, and not weird, he’s all out very supportive. The point is he’s happy, I’m happy, the child is happy, so that’s it,” he concluded.

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