LEGITIMATE! Arya Saloka Signs Contract in ‘GADIS KRETEK’ Series, Aldebaran’s Name Lives in Memories

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The name Aldebaran is now just a memory, Arya Saloka is no longer possible to return to the Bond of Love.

Now Arya Saloka has officially signed a contract as an actor in the Kretek Girl series which will air on Netflix.

This made the hopes of the Love Association fans for Aldebaran’s return instantly vanish.

In fact, Arya Saloka’s task in the Love Association has not actually been completed 100 percent.

There are still many impressions that should be completed first and not hang.

One of the hanging broadcasts of Aldebaran, such as the clarity of Jack who was looking for him on the island of Sumatra, Pondok Pelita holding tahlil and so on.

However, Arya Saloka has made up his mind not to renew the contract and not to return to the Love Association.

This was conveyed by Surya Saputra when he was a guest star on the Morning-Pagi Ambyar Trans TV talk show.

“He (Arya Saloka) did have his contract finished and he left and he didn’t extend it anymore,” said Surya Saputra.

Now, Arya Saloka has moved on from his role as Aldebaran in Ikatan Cinta.

Not only that, Arya has also taken on a new project for the Drama Girl Kretek series.

He even posted his contract signing on his Instagram social media account.

“Wait for us on the latest Netflix series, _Green Kretek_,” wrote Arya Saloka as quoted by PotentialBisnis.com from the Instagram account @arya.saloka which was uploaded on Thursday, July 14, 2022.

Arya Saloka continued his upload by writing the story of the Kretek Girl.

“Based on the novel by Ratih Kumala, Girl Kretek tells the story of a beautiful love story set against the backdrop of the triumph of the Indonesian kretek industry and two interrelated times,” wrote Arya Saloka.

Suddenly Arya Saloka’s upload reaped many comments from other blue tick Instagram account owners.

“Incredible,” wrote @indahpermatas.

“Yayyy,” wrote @inefebriyanti.

“Ashekkk, good luck bang,” wrote @bhismamulia.

“Success bro Arya,” wrote @chand_kelvin.

“Gokiiiilll,” wrote @afdhal_yusman.

“Arya is so cool,” wrote @erichalamin.

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