Elsa Hopes Both Are Destroyed, This Figure Will Be Injured

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On this occasion, there is a leak of the continuation of the soap opera bond of love which will air tonight on Thursday, July 14, 2022.

This soap opera, which has become a favorite show for the Indonesian people, has added to the public’s curiosity about the continuation of the story.

The following are predictions or spoilers for the soap opera Ikatan Cinta today, July 14, 2022, reported by LingkarKediri.minded-people from various sources.

In the previous episode, Elsa was disapproved of seeing Andin live a calm and happy life.

Meanwhile, Elsa continues to feel pressured by Ricky’s threats.

So, Elsa makes a plan with Ricky to destroy Andin’s life.

Elsa also asked Ricky to meet her.

In the next episode, after Elsa meets Ricky, she makes a plan to harm Andin.

However, later Sarah’s mother, who had followed Elsa, found out about all of Elsa and Ricky’s plans.

Will it be Sarah’s mother who will be harmed?

What’s the next story, don’t forget to watch the soap opera Ikatan Cinta on RCTI.

The spoilers or leaks of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta in this article are not 100% accurate, maybe the storyline will be different later.

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