Becoming a Rich Widow at a Young Age, 9 Portraits of Vinessa Inez who are more beautiful and charming after becoming a victim of domestic violence

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The beautiful actress Vinessa Inez is in the spotlight after her confession of domestic violence (KDRT) by her ex-husband. After that incident, Vinessa decided to separate from her husband and is now a widow with one child at the age of 22.

Long time no hear, Vinessa is said to be more beautiful and charming! What’s the portrait like?

This soap opera and FTV artist is back to focus on his career in acting.

Even though she is busy working, this 1997-born woman also divides her time to give birth to her only son, Elvaroalano Enzio.

Netizens say they salute Vinessa’s struggle to become a single mom at a young age.

At the age of now entering the age of a quarter century, Vinessa is called a widow who is ‘getting ahead’. Why is that?

Vinessa has risen from adversity in the past and now she has been called a rich widow.

Not only that, the difficult times that Vinessa went through are said to have made her stronger and wiser.

At the last Eid al-Adha, Vinessa was seen sacrificing one cow.

Even so, until now Vinessa still has not found a prospective father for her child.

“Actually, if you have found the right person, it seems like you are ready to get married again,” said Vinessa, quoted via DetikHot on Wednesday (13/7).

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