astonishing! Mama Sarah’s face suddenly changed when she was desperate to meet Ricky, this is what happened in the bond of love

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This article will first discuss the previous episode and a little prediction of the upcoming Love Bond.

The previous episode, told when Mama Sarah came back to know what her daughter, Elsa had done.

Feeling suspicious of Elsa’s attitude and worried about her child’s condition, Mama Sarah tried to urge her son to tell the truth.

Mama Sarah tried to ask about Elsa’s involvement with Ricky.

However, Elsa tries to cover up and doesn’t want to be honest with Mama Sarah.

So, when Elsa said she was going to meet her friend, Mama Sarah secretly followed Elsa.

It turned out that Mama Sarah’s assumption was correct if Elsa was secretly meeting Ricky. However, what made Andin’s stepmother sad when she found out that her favorite child was now under pressure from Rafael’s cousin.

So, Elsa is currently unable to report Ricky to the police because she is afraid that her parents will be hurt.

Elsa chose not to be honest with anyone if at this time Ricky had threatened her.

On the other hand, Mama Sarah also feels that Papa Surya does suspect her and Elsa.

However, again, Mama Sarah couldn’t tell her husband the truth about what happened to Elsa now.

Mama Sarah can only tell Elsa that at this time she already knows that her child is under pressure from Ricky.

Even though Mama Sarah still didn’t dare to tell Papa Surya, she tried to tell Elsa that it was better for her child not to keep secrets from her anymore.

Love Bond Prediction July 14, 2022

Mama Sarah felt awry, she knew that Elsa was under threat from Ricky but she also couldn’t explain to her husband what had happened to her son.

However, Mama Sarah realized that she couldn’t stand still, especially after knowing that her child was in danger.

Papa Surya’s wife realizes that she is now in an insecure position, considering that Ricky can do anything to realize his ambition.

Likewise with Elsa, who cannot continue to follow Ricky’s wishes, who is still a fugitive.

So it’s possible that Mama Sarah will be desperate to meet Ricky in order to stop all of Rafael’s cousin’s actions.

But unexpectedly, after meeting Ricky, Mama Sarah actually got a surprising treatment from Elsa’s lover.

Chances are, Ricky will tell Mama Sarah that Elsa is still under his control.

Unexpectedly Ricky also shows Elsa’s message saying that he will now work with Rafael’s cousin to destroy Andin’s life.

Suddenly the evidence made Mama Sarah not think and now she knows the hidden intentions that Elsa will do with Ricky.

What’s the next story? Watch the full story, the series Ikatan Cinta tonight on RCTI.

ATTENTION! Synopsis The Bond of Love is a prediction from unofficial information and is processed from several sources. This leaked synopsis may be different from the original impression.

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