‘Abbot Elementary’ creator Qunita Brunson made history as the first black woman to land three Emmy nominations – 1NEWS

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Quinta Brunson makes history

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Quinta Brunson is beaming. Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Black of excellence predominates again! Actress Quinta Brunson makes history as the first black woman to receive three Emmy nominations for “Abbott Elementary.”

Brunson is a triple threat when it comes to her Hollywood status. She is a writer, actress and comedian who is widely known for her recent work in ‘Abbott Elementary’.

As previously reported by NewsOne, “Abbott Elementary” partners with charities that address hunger and literacy. Exacerbated by the pandemic, childhood hunger is estimated to rise 12 million children live in food insecure households through the whole country. Systemic racial inequalities contribute to the hardships experienced by black, Latino and Native American youth and their families.

In March, the “Abbott Elementary” team teamed up with Scholastic to make book fairs free for students at various schools across the country. Scholastic book fairs are a major problem for primary school age children. The effort provided students from selected schools with two books each and books for teachers to add to the classroom libraries.

Bronson too capitalized on the success of “Abbott Elementary” to support real teachers. The sitcom highlights the struggles of teachers at an underfunded Philadelphia school.

In a short space of time, the Philadelphia native made her mark in history by becoming the first black woman to garner Emmy nominations for a comedy series, the lead actress in a comedy series, and writing for a comedy series. And at the tender age of 32, she is the youngest black woman ever nominated in the comedy category.

Brunson became known for her self-produced Instagram series, “Girl who has never had a nice date.” After receiving positive reviews for it, she went on to produce a video series and act for BuzzFeed. She’s been in series likeA Black Lady Sketch Show, ‘iZombie’, ‘Single Parents’ and Miracle workers. She was also named one of the most influential people of 2022 in Time 100.

Brunson’s nomination comes on the heels of Issa Rae and Tracee Ellis Ross making history in 2020 as the first two black women to be nominated for their comedy series as producers and lead actresses. Issa Rae also received a nomination this year.

We wish both ladies the best of luck! The Emmys will be broadcast on September 12.


‘Abbott Elementary’ partners with Scholastic to provide underfunded schools with free books

‘Abbott Elementary’ Teams Up With Feeding America To Eliminate Food Insecurity


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‘Abbot Elementary’ creator Qunita Brunson made history as the first black woman to land three Emmy nominations
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