The Difference Between Then & Now, Here Are 10 Artists Playing Antagonists in Sinetron

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It’s no wonder that some antagonist roles are often said to be the most annoying and emotional for the audience. However, the more emotional the audience is, the role of the antagonist is said to be successful in acting. Not only that, usually this role is most remembered by the audience.

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Just like some Indonesian artists who often play the antagonist role in a soap opera. In fact, to this day they are always remembered for their annoying role. Guess who’s there?

Here are 10 artists who play antagonists in Indonesia with different appearances from the past until now. Come on! Check out the summary that has summarized below!

1. The antagonist role of Cut Meyriska who had annoyed the audience

The soap opera Notes of the Heart of a Wife was successful in 2014. The storyline itself managed to make the audience emotional. However, the antagonist in the soap opera also makes it hotter like a smoldering fire.

Cut Meyriska as Helena Karin in the soap opera gets her antagonist role as an actor who often interferes with people’s household relationships.

In fact, the viewers who were irritated by the behavior of ‘Evil Hello Kitty’ had given him bad treatment in real life. This is evidenced by his words that were interviewed by reporters at that time. In fact, Cut Meyriska’s behavior in real life is not like that.

However, this shows that Cut Meyriska has succeeded in carrying out her antagonist role.

2. Glenca Chysara is hotly discussed about her antagonist role in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta

Just like Cut Meyriska, Glenca Chysara also got bad treatment from the audience who were annoyed with her antagonist role. This is also evidenced by Glenca’s confession when interviewed by journalists.

In addition to playing the fictim, Glenca as Elsa Anindita in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta really makes the audience furious about her behavior that always lies.

Soap operas that are still running until now have also succeeded in getting many pure records and have the highest ratings to date. There must have been a share of the success of Glenca’s role in playing Elsa which really sucks.

What’s next for Elsa?

Will Nino continue to accompany Elsa until she gets out of the detention cell?

Of course, Glenca’s acting when she was Elsa was really cool!

3. Legend, the scream from the typical Bellina Cannon managed to make the audience furious about the antagonist

This legendary artist has often succeeded in making the audience amazed by the totality of his acting during angry scenes.

Cannon Bellina who played the role of Aunt Usman in the soap opera Sad Story on Sunday is still remembered today.

Not only does her appearance like a witch attract attention, her habitual behavior of getting angry with her screams actually makes the role of Aunt Usman still remembered to this day.

From the past until now, Meriam Bellina has remained with her sweet face even though it is now rarely seen on the rich screen.

4. Gracia Indri managed to play the antagonist role in the soap opera Bidadari

The antagonist appearance of Gracia Indri is no less great. She played the role of Jessica in the soap opera Bidadari which also caught the attention of the audience.

Since starting her career in the acting world in 1999, Gracia Indri has starred in more than 30 soap operas, which on average get antagonistic roles.

With his distinctive voice, he also remembers the role of the antagonist in the soap operas that he has played to this day.

Gracia Indri’s appearance when playing the role of the antagonist is always total, right!

5. Dinda Kanya Dewi also made the audience emotional because Fitri and Farel were made difficult

It is no stranger to this soap opera player. In fact, his face is very familiar because he has been in the entertainment world since 2002 until now.

Starting as a 2002 cover girl finalist, Dinda Kanya is also good at acting as an antagonist, you know! She played the soap opera Cinta Fitri when she was 32 years old as Mischa.

The character of Mischa herself is an antagonist who often makes the audience emotional because her behavior destroys the happiness of other people’s households.

In fact, the success of her total antagonistic acting often makes Dinda in the real world mistaken for evil.

There are many other soap operas that he plays as an antagonist.

The acting is really cool!

6. With a sweet face, Audi Marissa also often plays an antagonist that manages to make the audience excited

This woman is often found in various soap operas that were hits of her time. One example is the soap opera Diam-Diam Suka: Cinta Lama Resemi, which also had a chance to rise.

Audi’s appearance as Naomi or often called the antagonist Nomnom Gowes made the audience nervous about his behavior. Her stunning appearance is the totality of acting as a glamorous and coquettish woman.

His slang that is always thrown at his co-stars is also the hallmark of his role. The girl with the shrill voice was known for the sarcasm that came out of her mouth.

Amazingly, Audi is really confident with his acting which is also total.

7. Ratna Kharisma Adzana the queen of antagonists in the soap opera White Gray which was a hit at the time.

Adzana Bing Slamet is a young Indonesian actress who is currently a hit. His name is known when he acts as an antagonist in the soap opera White Gray.

Acting as an Angel who is stylish like a socialite teenager is feared by his peers. Antagonistic acting in the soap opera had become a hot topic of discussion because of his behavior that really made the audience excited.

The most memorable moment was when Angel in the soap opera Putih Abu-Abu was playing like a girl band called Lollypop with the title song Kamseupay. His acting in playing the leader of the gang is very total, like it really sucks.

Not only that, he also successfully played several antagonist roles in other soap operas that were always hits of his time. So miss seeing him play the antagonist role again huh!

8. Donny Michael is also successful in playing his antagonist role

Not only women are successful in playing antagonist roles in soap operas, men can also succeed in acting like bad people, you know!

Like Donny Michael, who plays the character of a bad person in the soap opera produced by Sinemart, the Third Person. The story is, Donny as Ivan as Yuni’s ex-husband, played by Marshanda.

However, unfortunately their relationship is not going well and Donny successfully plays the role of Ivan as a husband who is very rude even to domestic violence.

Of course, successfully playing the role of antagonist is a pride in him. He also admitted that being an antagonist often made people around him annoyed and excited, especially his wife who was also watching.

Different from women who are usually cynical, Donny’s appearance as an antagonist usually screams scary.

9. There is Dylan Carr who is both evil and elegant in the soap opera Street Children

Being the leader of a motorcycle gang in the soap opera Street Children, Dylan Carr successfully played the antagonist role as Rio.

This longish male appearance often has conflicts with Stefan William’s motorcycle gang. Of course, the appearance as well as the annoying behavior managed to attract the attention of the audience.

He also admitted that he was more happy and comfortable when he got the experience of playing as an antagonist in a scene.

Not only that, he also successfully played an antagonist role in another soap opera, Anak Langit as Jungle.

10. Still in the soap opera Street Children, Marcella Daryanani is also famous for her annoying antagonist role

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