Suddenly Reyna shouted Papa, Nino was shocked even though the call was directed to Aldebaran who appeared, the bond of love

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Previously, it was told that Nino could not enter Pondok Pelita to meet Reyna.

Instead, he was intercepted by the security forces guarding the Ponpel gate because of Andin’s orders.

There was a little commotion that finally caught the attention of Sal who was with Reyna.

Sal immediately ran to the front of the Ponpel gate to check on the situation.

Meanwhile, Andin’s action was successfully monitored by Andin from the balcony of his house.

Sal then asks Uya to let him meet Nino outside the gate.

Nino then asked Sal to let him give Reyna a gift in the form of a goat sacrifice.

They negotiated with each other and came to a decision if Sal would allow Nino to meet Reyna outside the gates of the lampshade.

Sal called Reyna to go to the gate because Nino was about to give him a goat.

Meanwhile, Nino started to unload the goat from the pickup he had rented.

Nino was very happy to finally meet and give the sacrificial animal to his biological son.

However, on the other hand he was sad because Reyna’s response was very cold to face him.

Reyna at that time still referred to Nino as Uncle Good.

In fact, Elsa’s husband wanted to be called papa by Reyna at that time.

When Nino was leaving, Reyna suddenly shouted at Nino.

Nino’s heart was pounding waiting for Reyna to call Papa.

Sure enough, it turns out Reyna shouted Papa very loudly.

Nino was very happy at that time, finally the moment he had been waiting for had happened.

Nino slowly turned around but Reyna instead ran behind Nino.

Who would have thought, it turns out that Aldebaran came to the lamp hut.

Reyna who immediately realized that it was Aldebaran immediately ran and hugged him.

Aldebaran then hugged and carried Reyna at that time.

Reyna looked happy because she missed Aldebaran so much.

Nino was very disappointed that Aldebaran was still alive, the moment he had been waiting for was broken instantly.

Andin was very happy because finally her husband returned to Pondok Pelita.

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