Sari Nila Uploads Funny Moments at the Filming Location of Love Bonds, Arya Saloka’s Comments for Salfok Netizens

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Sari Nila plays Mama Rosa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta and also plays the biological mother of Aldebaran.

The role of Mama Rosa is a firm character and has a positive personality in her.

In uploading his Instagram account @sarinila16, the Mama Rosa actor was about to upload a humorous moment on the set of Love Bonding.

“You can do it for the daily @kokoqchiko @ariadadoariadado @sendywidodo_,” wrote Sari Nila, as quoted by from the Instagram account @sarinila16 which was uploaded on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

It is clear that Sari Nila is sharing her witty portrait while holding a camera at the filming location of Ikatan Cinta.

The role of Mama Rosa seems to be a cameraman while wearing a robe and a white veil.

It is known that Sari Nila wore the dress because in the storyline the Love Association was celebrating Eid al-Adha.

Arya Saloka commented on the upload of the Mama Rosa actor as the actor Aldebaran in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Arya Saloka praised Mama Rosa’s post by writing one very meaningful word.

“Talented,” wrote Arya Saloka via his Instagram account @arya.saloka.

At the beginning of the word, Arya Saloka gave the emotion of love (heart) and fire of enthusiasm to Sari Nila.

Seeing Arya Saloka’s comment, many loyal fans of the Love Association flooded the comment column.

Some of them there are also netizens who ask that the role of Mama Rosa persuade Arya Saloka to return to the Love Association.

Besides Arya Saloka, Evan Sanders also wrote words in the comments column for Sari Nila’s upload.

“Sateeee sateeee sateeee… please gather at basecamp sanderd,” wrote Evan Sanders via his Instagram account @iam.evansanders.

Many netizens are salfok (misfocused) because Arya Saloka also commented on the upload of the Mama Rosa actor.

The following are comments from loyal fans of the Love Association after Arya Saloka commented on Sari Nila’s upload.

“Sangkin misses Mas AL every day having to watch the early episodes, fortunately using wifi in the morning afternoon and evening watching Mas Al the episodes that used to be repeated,”.

“I miss you, come back again, mas al,”.

“@sarinila16, so many mommy wants Al to come back, try negotiating with the writer and producer,”.

“If Andin remarries, it means Andin is out of Pompel, please, just tell Aldebaran to go home because it’s been 2 years, Mas Al has married someone else, right, so the scenario is TDK both again because they have their own families, yes Andin will leave Pompel if you remarry,” .

“@sarinila16 when can you see mas al again who is taking care of mama rosa,”.

“Mas Al forgot the way to BKt, huh… until now, how come you haven’t come out yet?”

“If you miss, mas, finish your work immediately, then go back to the ponpel,”.

“@sarinila16 mam, tell your son to come back to the bkt, don’t miss his two children”.

“Arya, please come back,”

“Mas al I miss you on ic,”.

From some of the comments above, many loyal fans of Ikatan Cinta are hoping for Arya Saloka’s return to Ikatan Cinta.

Remembering, until now in the storyline of the Love Association, the news of Aldebaran’s search has not yet found a bright spot.

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