More daring, Natasha Wilona shows off her sexy body on Instagram

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The beautiful actress Natasha Wilona became the center of public attention after uploading a new photo on her personal Instagram page on Tuesday (12/7/2022).

In the upload, Stefan William’s ex-lover seemed to be wearing a sexy outfit that made netizens immediately excited.

The outfit worn by Natasha Wilona makes her curves look very clear and looks very charming.

Natasha Wilona Photos at Villa

In this upload, Natasha Wilona uploaded two photos at once. The woman who was born on December 15, 1998 uploaded a moment of herself in a luxury villa.

Verrel Bramasta’s ex-lover wore a sexy pink dress with a butterfly on it. Wilona’s shirt looks sexy which forms her curves.

Wilona’s appearance is even more beautiful with her pink paint shoes. With a style like a model, Wilona also took a beautiful portrait.

Natasha Wilona’s sexy upload was then flooded with netizen comments. A number of netizens praised the beauty of the 24-year-old woman.

“Even though there is a bitter taste, coffee always gives peace to every connoisseur,” commented one netizen.

“Very beautiful, Wilona,” added another commented.

Natasha Wilona Called More Sexy

In addition, a number of netizens also considered that Natasha Wilona’s appearance was getting sexier. The reason is, Wilona is said to be more daring to show her fantastic body shape.

“So fresh to see Wilo now,” wrote the account @raisya **.

“So cute baby Wilo,” added another.

“Beautiful really cool,” said another.

Meanwhile, Natasha Wilona herself is now 24 years old. At that age, he has yet to find a partner.

She had a relationship with the handsome actor Stefan William. After breaking up, Natasha Wilona also briefly dated Verrel Bramasta.

But the love affair also broke down in the middle of the road. Because Wilona and Verrel broke up because of differences in beliefs.

Natasha Wilona herself is known to be close to the handsome actor Aliando. The two are now involved in a joint project that makes them meet frequently.

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