Startling! Aldebaran disguises himself as a butcher when slaughtering sacrificial animals, Reyna shouts Papah, Bond of Love

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Previously, it was said that Reyna and Askara were being shown a goat-type sacrificial animal in the backyard of the lamp house.

Reyna seemed happy because she could feed the sacrificial goat.

Meanwhile, Askara could only lie down in the baby stroller while Mirna was holding her.

Sal teaches Reyna how to feed the goats.

Sal held Reyna’s hand as he thrust the grass into the goat’s mouth.

Reyna was initially shocked, but finally started to feel happy after the goat ate the grass that Reyna gave.

Seeing Reyna and Askara’s happiness made Andin grateful.

Moreover, Reyna’s happiness was helped by the presence of Sal to the lamp hut like an angel to replace the long lost Aldebaran.

Andin, who witnessed the happy moment, finally realized one thing.

He apparently realized a mistake in educating Reyna.

All this time Andin taught Reyna to hate Nino.

Not long after, a commotion broke out at the gate of Pondok Pelita.

Uya and Boim’s voices shouted as if forbidding someone to enter Pondok Pelita.

Apparently Nino wanted to meet Reyna at that time, he wanted to see Reyna happy while taking care of the sacrificial animals.

Nino’s efforts were in vain, because all Pondok Pelita security forces forbade him to enter.

Until finally, Sal came to the gate of Pondok Pelita to check the situation.

With an open heart, Sal then asked Uya for permission to meet Nino.

Finally Sal had a chat with Nino and managed to shoo him away subtly.

The next day, the Sacrifice began to be carried out by the family of the lighthouse.

Incidentally, Sal and all the security forces there were not able to slaughter the sacrificial animal.

Finally he decided to bring in a butcher.

A bearded man wearing a black hat finally came to Pondok Pelita.

It was the figure of a sacrificial animal butcher called Boim.

Unexpectedly it was Aldebaran disguised as a butcher.

He slowly entered, Reyna began to suspect the butcher.

Reyna seemed familiar with the figure in front of her.

After the process of slaughtering the sacrificial animal was completed, the butcher asked for permission to leave.

However, suddenly Reyna shouted Papah to make everyone uproar.

The butcher ran to his motorbike until finally no one could catch him.

What’s the next story?

Watch the excitement of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta today, July 12, 2022 on RCTI plus at 20.15 WIB if there is no change in the broadcast schedule.

Attention: this article contains a spoiler for Bond of Love which aims to entertain and answer the curiosity of loyal fans.

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