Raffi Ahmad Diskak Mat Yuni Shara, Brings Up a Sweet Promise 13 Years Ago, This is Raffi’s Finally Confession

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The figures of Raffi Ahmad and Yuni Shara had shocked the world of artistry a few years ago.

Months because the two of them are quite far apart in age, but it’s more than that.

The two have reportedly been in a relationship for more than four years.

During that time, Raffi Ahmad had given sweet promises to Yuni Shara, who until now is still a beautiful widow.

The sister of singer Krisdayanti was lulled by Raffi’s sweet promise before finally the two of them did not continue their love affair.

Raffi recently married Nagita Slavina.

In one event Laughter is a Blessing on TRANS TV Official, Wednesday (6/7/2022) Raffi Ahmad broke out in a cold sweat when he was on trial directly by Yuni Shara.

It is known, after a dozen years of not seeing each other, KD’s sister, Yuni Shara, was reunited with Raffi Ahmad.

Thirteen years ago, KD’s sister Yuni Shara’s romance with Raffi Ahmad was widely discussed.

Unfortunately, Raffi Ahmad and Yuni Shara’s romance did not last.

Raffi Ahmad and Yuni Shara agreed to end it after 4 years of dating.

Thirteen years almost no longer appear on one screen, Raffi Ahmad finally reunited with Yuni Shara.

At that time, Yuni Shara and Raffi Ahmad were engrossed in reminiscing about their past.

Investigate, when he was still dating Yuni Shara, Raffi Ahmad often made sweet promises.

The problem is, those sweet promises are just bullshit that never come true.

Ruben Onsu even mentioned Raffi Ahmad’s sweet promises.

To Yuni Shara, Raffi Ahmad admitted that he never lied or made sweet promises.

“I never lie,” said Raffi Ahmad, confidently.

Hearing Raffi Ahmad’s confession, Yuni Shara immediately glared.

“No, it’s true, just honestly delayed,” replied Raffi Ahmad, nervous to defend himself in front of Yuni Shara.

Smiling, Yuni Shara acted like she didn’t believe Raffi Ahmad’s words.

“Time?” asked Yuni Shara.

Nagita Slavina’s husband laughed resignedly when his behavior was sniffed by Yuni Shara.

“Time?” Yuni Shara asked again, making Raffi Ahmad laugh, raising his hand, a sign of surrender.

Seeing Raffi Ahmad’s reaction, Yuni Shara and Ruben Onsu laughed together.

The audience laughed loudly at Raffi Ahmad’s shrunken reaction in front of Yuni Shara.

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