NINO Brings Reyna to Escape for ANDIN to Panic

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But unfortunately, Andin doesn’t want Nino to do a DNA test with Reyna.

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Synopsis of the Bond of Love July 13, 2021:

Previously, Nino back home Aldebaran.

aldebaran, Andinand Papa Surya surprised to see Nino already there.

Nino immediately explained the purpose of his arrival.

He wants to do a DNA test together Reyna.

However, Andin not allow Nino.

She asked Nino to leave his house.

Likewise Aldebaran who protects and calms his wife.

In tonight’s episode, Andin panicked and tried to call Aldebaran.

Through video footage uploaded to the @officialrcti Instagram account, Andin telling you Aldebaran that Nino bring Reyna go.

“Hello Ndin, why?” ask Aldebaran.

“Sir, Reyna taken away the same Nino ” say Andin

Meanwhile, Elsa see Sumarno.

He was shocked because actually Elsa already paid Sumarno to leave the Jakarta area.

So, what’s the next story?

Watch soap operas Love Bond tonight, Tuesday (13/7/2021), at 20.00 WIB.

Apart from television broadcasts, the soap opera Ikatan Cinta can be watched streaming on the application

RCTI + or via online.

*) Schedule is subject to change at any time.

Love Bond Cast

– Amanda Manopo as Andin

– Arya Saloka as Aldebaran

– Evan Sanders as Nino

– Glenca Chysara as Elsa

– Surya Saputra as Surya

– Natasha Dewanti as Sarah

– Kevin Hillers as Erlangga Permadi or Angga

– Rendi John as Ricky

– Fiki Alman as Roy

– Ivanka Suwandi as Mrs Chandra

– Sari Nila as Rosa

– Chika Waode as Mirna

– Ayya Renita as Kiki

– Iqbal Fauzi as Rendy

– Mayang Yudittia as Michelle

– Ariqa Fakhira Shakila as Reyna/Nindy

– Bima Samudra as Purnomo

– Aliyah Faizah as Cantika

– Carlo Milk as Rafael

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