Even 7 years old, the portrait of the Gempi Children of Gading Marten and Gisella Anasatsia who are now more beautiful

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What is the latest portrait of Gempi, who is now 7 years old? Check here!

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Born on January 15, 2015, Gempita Nora Marten is now 7 years old.

At the age of 7, Gempi slowly began to steal attention.

Not only adorable, the only daughter of Gisel and Gading is also more charming.

Recently, the moment when Gisel took Gempi to school was in the spotlight.

Not only beautiful, the swag style is also very suitable for Gempi, like when he cosplayed as Harley Quinn

In addition, Gempi’s face is also said to be competing with his mother when he grows up.

Even though Gading and Gisel are divorced, Gempi himself never lacks the love of his parents.

Born from two well-known public figures, Gempi himself is predicted to become one of the famous celebrities.

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