Don’t Expect Aldebaran to Come Back, Surya Saputra Conveys The Reason Arya Saloka Doesn’t Want To Return To The Bond Of Love

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A few months ago, the actor of Aladebaran, Arya Saloka said that he was not coming back again.

But that doesn’t make everyone believe and still expect him to come back.

Because of that, Surya Saputra, the actor of Papa Surya, gave clarity about the non-return of Arya Saloka to the Love Association.

This was conveyed directly by Surya Saputra when he attended a talk show at a television station.

Dian Ibram, the host of the talk show, said that the person who played the role for the soap opera was Arya Saloka.

He then asked about the fate of Arya Saloka, who has now been replaced by someone else in the Love Association?

Receiving that question, Surya then answered about the fate of Arya Saloka and the Bond of Love.

Surya replies that Arya Saloka was not replaced only that he decided to leave and did not continue his contract.

“Not actually replaced. Indeed, his contract has been completed, so he left and did not extend it again,” said Surya.

Surya then said that he and other friends in the Love Association appreciated Arya’s decision.

Therefore, everyone still respects the decision that Arya Saloka has taken at this time.

“So we are all there, until this moment we still love, still respect Arya’s decision,” replied Surya.

Dewi Persik then welcomed Surya’s speech by saying that Arya had refused sustenance.

“It’s a pity, mas, it’s time to refuse sustenance,” said Dewi Persik.

Surya then denied Dewi’s words by saying that maybe there was another job.

Surya answered by saving the name of Arya Saloka from the words of the Goddess.

“No. Maybe he doesn’t refuse sustenance, maybe there are things he has to think about. So whatever it is, it’s Arya’s right,” said Surya.

Arya Saloka’s discussion started to get busy, Dian returned by relating it to the producer’s response to Arya Saloka.

“He did not renew the contract or was not given the opportunity,” asked Fero again.

Surya again emphasized by giving an answer to Dian.

“He did not renew the contract,” replied Surya.

“So you didn’t get kicked out huh?” asked Dewi Persik.

“No, no, no. So we all decided there, the RCTI team also loves, all the players also love, until this moment they still love Arya, there’s nothing like this,” said Surya.

Dian then asked about the reason Arya decided not to renew the contract.

In fact, Arya Saloka’s name stuck in the entertainment world because he acted as Aldebaran.

“But did you ever tell me the reason why he didn’t want to extend the contract?” asked Dian to Surya.

But it turns out that Surya does not want to tell the reason, even though he knows it from Arya Saloka himself.

“Even if the story, I can not tell,” said Surya.

Hearing these words, everyone immediately laughed because they certainly knew something was being hidden from Surya.

Dewi then asked for clarification about Arya Saloka who left the Love Association because he was kicked out.

“But in the media it was widely heard that he left the soap opera because he was kicked out, because of a problem, right? asked Dewi.

“No,” said Suya briefly to Dewi.

This is a clarification from Surya Sakutra if Arya Saloka left the Love Association not because he was kicked out, but because of his own decision not to renew the contract.

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