Tafso Barn Bandung: Pampering Yourself in a Beautiful and Exciting Rural Nature

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Tafso Barn Bandung

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Karogaul.com – Who can refuse to spend vacation time with family while enjoying the enchanting natural scenery in a cool cafe and accompanied by delicious food?

Tafso Barn Bandung
Photo by andhi024

You can have that atmosphere at Tafso Barn in the Ciumbuleuit area, which is the latest culinary tourism area that must be visited.

Offered a stunning panoramic view of Bandung’s nature, this cool cafe has a mini golf course, a white bird cage, vintage swings and super comfortable mini tents!

Tafso Barn Bandung
Photo by affreshair

This vast zone is also divided into several parts with different designs. You can choose between a shaded table in the courtyard area that uses a table from an old barrel.

Tafso Barn Bandung
Photo by eatingmain, syafrinaafriani

How about the menu? Well, you can choose local Indonesian, Western or Japanese-style menus. Whatever it is, first make sure your cellphone battery is fully charged when you visit here, because there will be a lot of pictures here.

Tafso Barn Bandung
Photo by dani. herdiansyah84

Tafso Barn Bandung
Photo by lenny_chiu77, feliciadior

Tafso Barn Bandung
Location: Street. New Like Number. 75, Pagerwangi, Lembang, West Bandung, West Java, 40391
Contact: 0811 877 1687
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 09. 00– 21.00 Saturday– Sunday: 08.00– 22.00
HTM: IDR 20. 000 (can be replaced with food/drink)

Means Tafso Bar Bandung

Of course, Nature tourism such as Kedai Tafso Barn Bandung has fairly complete facilities such as perched areas or culinary tours in the Bandung area.

Tafso Barn Bandung

Photo by Rika Sulastri

Tafso Barn Bandung has prepared quite complete facilities so that you are safe here. Starting from a fairly wide parking zone to there is fairly fast wifi access. The following is a row of public facilities that are available and you can enjoy:

::The parking area is quite wide
::Musola for worship
::Smoking Area
::Exotic Photo Spot
::Live Music
::Means of Health Protocol

The Attraction of Tafso Barn Lembang Bandung

Tafso Barn Bandung
Photo by Eto Young

The first attraction that Tafso Barn Bandung has is that it certainly has an interesting natural panorama and has many picture spots.

So Tafso Barn Bandung is a fun and exciting place to hang out when you gather with your family, friends or companions.

Tafso Barn Bandung

Photo by Muhammad Saputra1203

The location is also helpful because it is located on a large plain so that the natural scenery in this area is clearly visible, making your eyes fresh again.

For those of you who are looking for a romantic destination, Tafso Barn Bandung, this can be the right place for you, because at night the lights illuminate this area which makes this destination more romantic and there is also a unique tent-like seating area that looks beautiful and has a romantic impression. at the moment in this tent so felt.

Tafso Barn Bandung

Photo by Nendah Hendayani

Tafso Barn Bandung

Photo by Tendy Austin Christian

Thus a brief review of “Tafso Barn Bandung: Pampering Yourself in a Beautiful and Exciting Rural Nature” Are you interested in visiting this exotic and exciting place?


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