Sal Buys 2 Sacrificial Animals, Reyna is Enthusiastic

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“What is this, I heard that someone was looking for me. So, I saw someone selling sacrificial animals, I bought two, one for Reyna and the other for Askara,” said Sal in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, Monday (11/7). /2022).

Hearing this, Reyna was so enthusiastic. Papa Nino’s son couldn’t wait to see the sacrificial animal that Sal bought.

“For me, uncle,” said Reyna.

“Yes, for you, you want to see,” said Sal.

“Would you like that,” said Reyna.

Furthermore, Sal asked Uya and Boim to take care of the two sacrificial animals.

“Pak Uya, Pak Boim. I entrust this to Pak Uya and Pak Boim. Don’t forget to give them food, if you have free time, you can also give them permission,” said Sal.

“Hahaha yes sir, ready,” said Boim.

Not only Reyna was smiling happily seeing the sacrificial animals, but also Askara. Don’t forget Reyna to thank Sal.

“Thank you, Uncle Sal,” said Reyna.

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