Nora Alexandra Shows The Hidden Part, Netizens: Very Smooth

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The teen-faced model Nora Alexandra often looks sexy on social media.

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Not without reason, the demands of a job as a fashion model require it.

Jerinx SID’s wife has never escaped the attention of the public, especially citizens of cyberspace.

Beautiful face, glowing white skin supported by a body goal that is close to perfect, making the woman who was born in Jember, November 12, 1994, who has mixed Swiss blood from her father, became a fan of the adam.

As in his latest photo upload on Instagram.

Nora wearing a black tank top while posing seductively.

“People love to play with me, but hate it when I play behind,” Nora wrote in her post, quoted on Tuesday (1/25/2022).

Yes, Nora’s pose this time is so tempting.

Seen he raised both his arms so that his smooth armpits exposed.

This later became the subject of netizen hallucinations. They seemed stupefied by the sighting.

“His armpits are brighter than my face wkwkwk,” muttered @harly ***.

“Hmmm the wall is losing smooth!” continue @firdaus***.

“His armpits are amazing,” snapped @fudhi ***.

Nora started her career as a model at a relatively young age of 15 years.

The profession was chosen because of his own desire and has been approved by both parents.

At first he did a catwalk model, then penetrated into a photo model.

It is not an easy matter for her to become a professional model.

Nora had to go on an extreme diet to get the perfect body goals.

Her efforts also paid off, Nora also successfully starred in several advertisements both in magazines and on television.


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