Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo Compact Do This, Andin and Aldebaran Love Bonds Stop Criticizing Each Other?

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Amanda Manopo recently made changes to her personal Instagram @amandamanopo.

The Andin actor in the Love Association changed the profile photo of his Isntagram account. At first, Amanda Manopo posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account.

Recently, Amanda Manopo seems to have left her Instagram account profile photo blank. So that only the faceless face logo appears.

I don’t know why Amanda Manopo changed her Instagram profile photo. What is clear, he uploaded an Instagram story in which Andin The Bond of Love seemed to be promoting his brand, Skinsoul.

Amanda Manopo looked relaxed wearing a dark gray sweater. He also wears black glasses with his hair tied back.

Amanda Manopo looked relaxed in shorts plus black sandals.

On the other hand, Arya Saloka also changed his Instagram profile photo to @arya.saloka.

At first, Arya Saloka posted a photo of himself with long hair.

But now, Arya Saloka does not post a photo of himself anymore. Princess Anne’s husband is now only posting photos of who knows who.

In the profile photo uploaded by Arya Saloka, it looks like someone is sitting sideways wearing a black coat.

However, that person was completely faceless. the person’s hands seemed to support the thighs.

Behind the sitting person hung various yellow masks with different faces.

Currently, Instagram Arya Saloka has a following of five million followers. There is no latest Insta Story update.

So what is the meaning of Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka, who both changed their Instagram profile photos.

Is it a code of satire between the two or does it mean nothing.

The reason is, after Arya Saloka left the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, it seemed that the two were sarcastic and criticized each other.

Starting from Amanda Manopo who insinuated Arya Saloka’s actions were irresponsible because he suddenly left the soap opera.

Although Amanda Manopo did not mention who the figure she was insinuating was, it seemed that the satire was addressed to her co-star.

Amanda Manopo did a live Instagram on her personal account @amandamanopo on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Manda did a question and answer session with fans in her live broadcast.

Among the netizens, there were those who invited Amanda Manopo to play a film series project. The fans said that the story of Ikatan Cinta had lost its passion and was boring.

“Manda, let’s just play the film series, IC (Love Bond) has a freak story,” asked the fans.

He also responded and said that he couldn’t just go in and out of a soap opera project, including the Love Association.

“Lahh .. I just completed my responsibility and trust, we’ve started well, ended well too,” he replied.

Manda said that if you suddenly leave a soap opera project such as the Love Association, all the personnel will be affected by the soap opera’s fate.

It was as if insinuating someone who had just decided to leave the Bond of Love. It was not mentioned who the figure referred to by Manda was.

“Even though we didn’t do anything (not getting out of the Bond of Love), but because of someone’s selfishness or something, for example, I was selfish, I left, I don’t feel any responsibility, it’s a pity that people here are struggling,” he said.

It is suspected that Manda’s words were a satire to the main actor of the Ikatan Cinta, who had just announced his departure from the Ikatan Cinta.

Not long after that, Arya Saloka also indirectly responded to the criticism. Arya Saloka uploaded a chain sentence that contains the professional meaning for an actor.

There are several points that Arya Saloka uploaded in his post. The post is written on a white background.

At the end of the article, Arya Saloka affixed the animated red “love” logo.

“Truth of experience (an actor must experience true emotions)”. he wrote.

Princess Anne’s husband said an actor must really study and totally play the character he plays.

“Working with the situation (the actor must learn the lifestyle of the character he plays),” he said.

Then, in the next point he said an actor should not be satisfied with what he achieved and should continue to improve his acting skills.

“The actor must continue to improve himself,” he wrote.

Arya Saloka concluded that an actor must be good at playing roles. He affixed the words of the famous Russian theater actor, Konstantin Stanislavski about the world of acting.

“In short, an actor must play his role (in the sense of experiencing/feeling) so that Stanislavsky himself will say “I believe!” he wrote.

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