Andin cries softly when he picks up the phone from Jack, Aldebaran is found but…

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In the previous episode, it was told that the atmosphere of Pondok Pelita was quite warm because of Sal’s presence.

Sal becomes a kind of magnet that absorbs positive energy in Pondok Pelita. He is able to conjure tension into liquid.

Sal also came with two male goats to Pondok Pelita. Uya and Boim are very happy.

Reyna who initially lost her joy after being told by Elsa that Nino aka Uncle Good was her biological father.

But now, Reyna looks very happy with Sal’s presence. Even Sal can be considered capable of replacing Aldebaran’s role as Reyna’s papa and Askara.

Andin was very happy to see Reyna’s progress. Andin is very afraid that his eldest daughter hates her biological mother.

But thanks to Sal’s role, now Reyna’s joy is back. Andin was relieved that Reyna was excited again.

Sal took Reyna and Askara to see the goats in the yard of Pondok Pelita. Reyna was very happy.

Seeing the joy, Andin monitored from the second floor of Pondok Pelita. Andin feels grateful for what happened.

Andin is happy because now Sal is here at Pondok Pelita. For Andin, Sal is a figure who can replace the role of Aldebaran for Reyna and Askara.

But on the other hand Andin feels sad because Aldebaran never comes back and doesn’t know where he is.

Andin prays that Aldebaran is protected by the Creator. Andin must have lost a lot because Aldebaran has passed away.

Papa Surya’s daughter was determined in her heart that she had to be strong to accept the ordeal of leaving her beloved husband.

Everything must have been hard, but with strong determination, Andin managed to get through several Eids without Aldebaran.

Aldebaran is still missing today. It is not clear where Aldebaran is. Andin’s husband went missing after the plane he was traveling in crashed.

Most likely the Indonesian Eagle plane that Aldebaran was traveling on disappeared and then crashed in the jungles of Sumatra.

Andin to hire professionals to do the search. But until now Aldebaran has not been found.

Jack became the person Andin assigned to search for Aldebaran.

So what’s the next story? Will Aldebaran be found soon. After being found, how is Aldebaran’s condition?

Andy was very surprised. Her smart phone rings. On the cellphone screen, Jack called Andin.

Andin hastily picked up Jack’s call. Andin then asked how the search results in the Sumatran forest were.

Jack then gave the latest news regarding the search. Jack said he brought sad news regarding Aldebaran.

Andin immediately took the phone away from his ear. He was silent as he burst into tears.

Jack kept calling out hello and hello many times. Andin is lulled into a daydream and thinks that her husband is not safe.

A moment later, Andin realized and immediately brought the phone to his ear again.

Andin asked Jack about the sad news. Then Jack replied that Aldebaran had been found.

However, Jack said that Aldebaran’s condition was not fine where he was paralyzed and his memory was lost.

Jack said that Aldebaran did not recognize his family or himself at all.

Aldebaran was saved by the tribes of the interior of the Sumatran jungle. Aldebaran was treated and eventually rescued.

However, Aldebaran was seriously injured. both of his legs were broken so that Aldebaran could not walk normally. He is paralyzed.

There was another thing that was more stifling for Andin, where Aldebaran’s head suffered a severe impact which resulted in Askara’s father being unconscious for a long time.

After realizing, Aldebaran did not recognize himself or his family. Jack tried to ask Aldebaran if he knew Andin, the answer was nothing.

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Attention, some of this content is only a prediction of the upcoming episode of Ikatan Cinta story and is not meant to precede the content of the story. This article only aims to entertain the loyal audience of Ikatan Cinta.

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