10 Portraits of FTV Actress Rina Diana, who is now wearing a hijab, is even more graceful and charming!

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Now, Rina Diana has changed her appearance by wearing a hijab! Her charm looks more graceful. What’s the portrait like? Have a peek!

This is the appearance of FTV star Rina Diana, who is now firmly wearing a hijab.

It looks so beautiful and elegant!

His new appearance has received a lot of praise from fellow artists and netizens, you know!

Rina Diana has converted to Islam since 2010.

He followed his mother’s religion.

Bloody mulatto Pakistan – Manado, Rina Diana’s charm is already charming.

Now with a hijab, she looks even more beautiful and graceful, you know!

She wears a hijab in a simple style.

Like the selection of a plain rectangular hijab type.

I agree, if Rina Diana’s appearance is more radiant in this hijab!

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