Where is Arya Saloka? A close friend reveals that Aldebaran’s figure is shooting again

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Loyal fans of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta RCTI still question Arya Saloka when he will return to the Ikatan Cinta.

The reason is, Arya Saloka has not played the figure of Aldebaran Alfahri for a very long time.

To answer Arya Saloka’s question where, his close friend revealed the current condition of Arya Saloka.

The figure of Yuda Fajrin admitted that he often chats with Arya Saloka to share the current condition of his friend.

Yuda revealed that Arya Saloka would return to filming.

This was recorded in an Instagram story @yudafajri as quoted by PotentialBisnis.com.

“Where is Arya, Mas? Yes, in Jakarta. I don’t know, just yesterday I told you that Arya is shooting soon,” said Yuda as quoted by PotentialBisnis.com from InstaStory @yudafajrin.

Even so, Yuda kept Arya Saloka a secret from filming it again in soap operas or in which drama series.

However, the fans of the Ikatan Cinta still hope that Arya Saloka can return to fill the void in Aldebaran’s role.

“I know what he’s shooting. It’s just a secret,” said Yuda.

Arya Saloka has not appeared in the Love Association for a very long time.

This caused a number of new actors to arrive one after another.

The first role as an entertainer for the fans of the Love Association for the loss of Aldebaran was filled by Ammar Zoni.

Ammar Zoni is expected to be able to boost the rating of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

However, there were no significant changes from the soap opera Ikatan Cinta until finally deciding to add a new role.

The second role that is predicted to be able to cover the void of Aldebaran is filled by Deva Mahenra.

Deva plays the figure of Sal, Mama Rosa’s nephew, who knows everything about the problems at the lampshade.

The figure of Sal has arrived and managed to make Reyna (Fara Shakila) cheerful again.

In the latest trailer, it appears that Sal will protect Andin.

It was proven when Riki threatened Andin with a paper thrown with a stone, Sal seemed very emotional to Ricky.

Until this article was published, there has been no official clarification from Arya Saloka Kemana and will return to the Love Association.

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